Canada's Food Guide is getting updated for the first time since 2007

Jan 5 2019, 5:57 am

Canada’s Food Guide is getting revamped this year and Health Canada tells Daily Hive we’ll be seeing some new healthy eating recommendations sooner rather than later in early 2019.

Expected to be released soon, the new guide underwent two phases of public consultation where Canadians could submit feedback for the guide, which is commonly used in public healthcare facilities, schools, and daycares.

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Over the years the food guide has changed a lot, and the latest version was published in 2007, over a decade ago.

Health Canada is currently in the final stages of revising the guide to reflect new evidence and meet the needs of “various audiences who use the healthy eating recommendations.”

The revision of the guide will be completed in two phases, first, a “new dietary guidance policy report for health professionals and policy makers” in early 2019.

Later in 2019, the second phase, which will be a new dietary guidance policy report (healthy eating patterns and recommended amounts and types of foods) will be released.

We’ll keep you posted on the updates in the guide once it is released.

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