Canada's biggest ever going away party has over 100,000 guests

Dec 19 2017, 5:52 pm

A tongue-in-cheek going away party planned for Prime Minister Stephen Harper on October 19 has reached the masses.

There is a fairly good chance you or someone you know has been invited to the “Stephen Harper Going Away Party” on Facebook, an event page created by Chris Drennan that plans to host a digital celebration if Prime Minister Harper gets voted out of office in the Federal Election on October 19.

“A time for Canadians to come together from coast to coast to say ‘See Ya Later Steve’,” the event page states. “I don’t care where you celebrate or how you plan on getting down, raise a pint, do a shot, high five or just give a thumbs up to celebrate Stephen Harper having to get another job.”

The event joins a long list of anti-Harper groups on Facebook, including ones titled “Stephen Harper Needs to Resign”, “Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper”, “I Fu***** Hate Stephen Harper” and “Cats Against Stephen Harper”.

If anything, the popularity of the event shows the strong sentiment among young and progressive Canadians to unseat the Prime Minister. Meanwhile, the candidate currently leading in polls, Justin Trudeau, has a more favorable Facebook presence with dozens of groups supporting his campaign for Prime Minister. He is not without minor criticism, however, with groups like “Justin Trudeau Sucks Balls” with 32 members and the one-man group “Justin Trudeau is a DWEEB!”

As of today, the going away party has 118,000 confirmed attendees and another 200,000 awaiting responses.

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