Canada's public emergency alert system will be going off TODAY

Nov 25 2020, 4:00 pm

Canada will have a public alert test again this year, and it will be taking place on November 25.

The notification will come through all phones, as well as on the TV and over the radio.

“Alert Ready is the system authorized government issuers use to deliver television, radio, and wireless alerts to Canadians,” said the CRTC in a Tweet.

The alert will happen in all provinces and territories in Canada except for Nunavut.

Here are the times to be aware of by province so that you don’t get scared when the loud alarm goes off:

British Columbia: 1:55 pm PST
Alberta: 1:55 pm MST
Northwest Territories: 9:55 am MST
Yukon: 1:55 pm MST
Saskatchewan: 1:55 pm CST
Manitoba: 1:55 pm CST
Ontario: 12:55 pm EST
Quebéc: 1:55 pm EST
New Brunswick: 10:55 am AST
Nova Scotia: 1:55 pm AST
Prince Edward Island: 12:55 pm AST
Newfoundland and Labrador: 10:55 am NST

Téana GrazianiTéana Graziani

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