26,000 new jobs created in Canada in August

Sep 9 2016, 9:07 pm

Canada’s July employment rate may have shown some sad numbers, but August saw 26,000 new jobs created in the country.

In spite of that, the unemployment rate rose 0.1% points to 7%, according to Statistics Canada.

Employment increased most among youth and aged 15 to 24 and people 55 plus, while it was down among people aged 25 to 54.

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For youth, there were 22,000 more jobs for the month of August, with 29,000 among people aged 55 and up. Conversely, there were 25,000 fewer jobs in all other age groups.

At this time last year, 77,000 more jobs were created in the part-time work sector.

Quebec saw the greatest gains with 22,000 new jobs, but the unemployment rate saw little change at 7.1%.