Check out these 10 Calgary startups at this year's Collision

Apr 30 2019, 12:00 pm

From coast to coast, tech startups from across North America will be showcasing new ideas, products, and ideas with investors from around the world this May.

This is the sixth annual Collision Conference, which is known to attract CEO’s, investors, tech junkies, and everyone in between to check out new and innovative products hitting the market.

Collision is the team behind Web Summit, the world’s largest tech summit. Collision engages the tech entrepreneurs of the world with a global reach of 120 countries.


This year, the conference is taking place at Toronto’s Enercare Centre from May 20 to 23 and is expected to host over 25,000 attendees.

Those in attendance can look forward to learning from a wide variety of international startups, including a number from western Canada.

Check out these Calgary-based startups making their way to Toronto this year:

ZeroKey Inc.

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ZeroKey BigRoom Goggles allows companies to scan large buildings (ZeroKey Inc)

ZeroKey is a rapidly-growing Calgary startup, on track to produce a 500% year-after-year growth. The BigRoom family of products may look like VR headsets, however, the main device is a transformational IoT sensor technology that provides wide-area, real-time, and ultra-high accuracy 3D tracking across large spaces and buildings. BigRoom provides technology that will further aid other industries such as industrial manufacturing, supply chain management, logistics, and AR/VR.

Tua Financial Technologies

Wouldn’t life be great if the stress of loans, debt, and general finances were a thing of the past? Tua Financial is looking ahead towards that future. This startup will be showcasing its streamlined loan process using the technology of the future to make financial anxiety obsolete, taking a human approach to financial planning. Tua Financial prides themselves on their ability to view your past financial history, but also greatly consider your potential as a customer by assessing your personal values, commitment, and ambition.

T2M URL Shortening

T2M is a cloud-based URL shortener that gives the user unlimited shortened URL’s, unlimited redirects and clicks, as well as lifetime URL data and advanced filterable analytics. T2M comes designed with countless personalized domains, vanity, and branded URLs and is backed by dedicated support.

Craft Tapp


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It’s choice and delivery made simple. Step 1: You tell them what you like. Step 2: Beers from a surprise, local Alberta brewery are delivered right to your door. Step 3: Drink! (And a review of course). Craft Tapp is a monthly subscription box that caters to 100% your taste. Local craft beers come straight to you, and you can review the beers for extra perks and bonuses. The company currently only operates as a $54.99/month club with plans in the works for launching six-month and yearly pre-paid boxes.


Let’s make one thing clear, VeloGuide is not just a guide, it’s an experience. Already operating in over 60 countries, VeloGuide allows you to book a biking tour in a variety of different places, discovering different landscapes, local culture, and even hidden city gems. Through the VeloGuide app, you can book a bike and a guide all from your phone, and the best part: You grab the closest bike to you! VeloGuide has bikes set-up all around the city.


InstantGrid is next-generation location intelligence mapping. The company operates similar to a blanket data-management program in which mapping data from sources are taken and consolidated into one all-encompassing platform. With over 12 million different features, InstantGrid is beneficial to many working industries from city zoning and land use analysis to risk assessment and crisis response.


Koridor is a cloud-based operating system that allows companies to manage day-to-day performance and analyze productivity and profitability over specific periods of time. This “one-stop shop” allows users to communicate with the entire team as well as predicting customer behaviour. Koridor allows companies to create long term project goals and increase project management.


calgary startups

NDAX trading allows users to trade bitcoin and various other digital currencies in the safest, and most secure way possible. (NDAX)

NDAX (National Digital Asset Exchange) is considered Canada’s most advanced cryptocurrency trading platform, offering the largest portfolio of different currencies. NDAX was built with the intention of simplifying the trading of cryptocurrency.


PossibleWorks is an AI-driven platform that allows business and companies to increase organizational productivity and increase organizational strategy along with productivity analyzation. Built on the foundation of 5 I’s (Imbibe, Integrate, Involve, Incentivize and Internalize), it enables organizations to create a holistic framework that integrates with innovation culture.

Victory Lab

Victory Lab is a research-based online platform that measures evidence-informed strategy processes while also provided instant access to mental-health support through an online app. Using technology and organizational awareness, Victory Lab is able to measure and develop innovative and effective prevention programs within the workplace.

Collision Conference

When: May 20 – 23, 2019
Where:  Enercare Centre, Toronto
Tickets: Available online, starting at $595 – Daily Hive discount code: TheDailyHive

Daily Hive is a proud community sponsor of Collision Conference 


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