Cactus Club English Bay opening late February

The long awaited Cactus Club Cafe will finally be opening up at English Bay and soon the beautiful ladies of Vancouver will be serving you the same great casual food you’ve come to expect from the chain. As a bonus you’ll have the best view in the house as diners will overlook  English Bay. Imagine having a seat here for the Celebration of Light Fireworks. The design of the new space is far superior to the cement block formerly known as the Bathhouse and kind of looks like a SkyTrain station (if only there was rapid transit to the West End).  

This project has been plagued with construction delays from day one. The Cactus Club at English Bay will open up late February.  Furthermore, it should be noted that Cactus Club has built the entire structure to LEED standards, and they are aiming for the Gold Certification Level.

Below are some of the green features on site:

  • Seventy-five percent of the materials used in construction were either salvaged or recycled.
  • Over fifty percent of all wood used was FSC (Forest Stewardship Council of Canada)
  • At least 20% of all materials were extracted or manufactured within 800 km of the restaurant site.
  • Parking spots for both hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles will be provided.
  • Employees will be encouraged to travel to work by bicycle with the provision of bike storage and private change and shower areas.
  • The creation of a green, “living” roof (by the same company contracted for the Vancouver Convention Centre and Vancouver’s Olympic Village) to reduce energy consumption,
  • Two organic herb gardens on the second floor.
  • Landscaping for the restaurant, as well as the surrounding parks board greenery, will be irrigated with rainwater collected from the roof.
  • Preservation and protection of the original old trees in the immediate area was a priority.
  • The restaurant team will be committed to composting as much organic material as possible, as well as co-ordinating with the Parks Board recycling program.

Now, when will the Cactus Club next to the Convention Centre open up?

Image:  HereInVancouver