'Buy Ben A Beer' campaign will support BC hospitality workers in need

Oct 27 2016, 5:36 pm

On Monday, October 31, the BC Hospitality Foundation is kicking off its new campaign: Buy Ben A Beer

You’re probably wondering – who’s Ben?

Well, we all have a ‘Ben’ in our life. This is someone in the hospitality industry who makes our day run more smoothly, like that barista who knows your order, the waiter who’s always cheerful, or the bartender who can automatically tell when you are in desperate need of a double. The ‘Buy Ben A Beer’ campaign is our chance to give back to these ‘Bens’ when they are in need.

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For the price of a beer, or one of a round of beers, you can help those working in the hospitality industry who are swamped with medical bills from a condition or injury. These are employees who usually work part-time and receive minimal benefits, so the support is much needed and much appreciated. To support new applicants in this program, simply buy a virtual beer, growler, or keg starting at $5.

Each year the BC Hospitality Foundation successfully provides reliable ‘last resort’ financial support for individuals within the province’s hospitality industry. Sujinder Juneja, who handles communications for the BCHF, told Daily Hive over the phone that they’ve already supported five BC hospitality workers in crisis within the last few weeks alone.

‘Buy Ben A Beer’ is just another way to continue raising funds for this awesome foundation. The goal is to raise at least $50,000, which will help approximately ten people with $5,000 each in beneficiary support. Check out the brews on the donor wall so far and see how the campaign is progressing.

Share your #BuyBenABeer photos on your social platforms and become a BEN-eficiary yourself.

Buy Ben a Beer from JunctionYVR on Vimeo.