Leading a busy life? You need a virtual assistant

Dec 20 2017, 1:26 am

Virtual is quickly becoming the new reality, and professionals and entrepreneurs alike are turning towards virtual assistants to help them manage their workloads. The global intelligent virtual assistant market is projected to exceed $3 billion by 2020, according to a new report from Hexa Research.

Sherri Morrison, the Founder and President of Vancouver EA, agrees. “People are rethinking their approach to staffing and only paying for time worked,” she said. “It just makes financial sense.”

The benefits of working with Virtual Assistants can greatly outnumber the benefits of hiring an in-house assistant. There is zero down time, you don’t have to provide office space or equipment and you save tens of thousands of dollars on deductions and benefits. You have access to very experienced and accomplished professionals for a mere fraction of what you would pay an employee with the same qualifications.

“I think everyone wants a personal assistant,” Morrison said. “An assistant would definitely make your life easier; however, I truly believe it is essential for any working professional.”

In our current economic state, the amounts of people who can afford assistants are few and far between. Morrison saw this within the market and that’s why she created Vancouver EA.

“There are lots of VA’s out there but most of them are qualified to do very basic and general tasks. We are highly trained and organized professionals with years of experience working for some of the most high-profile companies and executives in Canada. We offer blocks of time at reduced rates so you can basically hire an assistant, who would normally cost $70,000 to $80,000 annually, for as little as $450 per month.”

Image: Virtual Assistants via Shutterstock

Image: Virtual Assistants / Shutterstock

Virtual Assistants:

  • Provide professional, administrative, technical and creative assistance to clients.
  • Are independent contractors rather than employees so clients are not responsible for any employee related taxes, insurance or benefits.
  • Save the logistical problem of providing office space, equipment and supplies.
  • Reduce your labour costs as they only get paid for time worked.
  • Increase revenue and productivity.
  • Specialize in a wide variety of areas such as mining, marketing, even planning, law, travel and medicine.

Can you use a Virtual Assistant if you are not a business person? “The majority of our clientele are entrepreneurs and business owners but we also have clients who are not,” Morrison said.

“We help stay-at-home moms who are too busying chauffeuring around their three kids to three different schools and never ending sporting events to plan a dinner party or book a family holiday. We can have your house cleaned, pay your bills, prepare your taxes and organize your calendar all while sending flowers to your mother-in-law on her birthday. We can find you an amazing nanny or plan the best dinner party you have ever hosted – we can coordinate your house, run your errands and organize your life.”

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As independent business owners themselves, a Virtual Assistant has the ability to see the bigger picture. Unlike most employees, a Virtual Assistant knows and understands the challenges of running a business. Vancouver EA understands that your success leads to their success and they are there to help. With anything and everything 24/7.

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