Bus Re-Routes During Vancouver 2010

Dec 19 2017, 4:02 am


We all knew that part of the transportation plan would include bus reroutes. So here is some important information for you transit riders out there that travel to and from Downtown, UBC and Richmond:

5 Downtown/Robson and 6 Davie/Downtown

Effective February 1 – March 2. #5 “Downtown” trips will be re-routed off of Robson in the downtown core, travelling from Robson @ Thurlow via Thurlow, Smithe, Burrard, Pender, Homer and Hastings. Interlined #6 “Davie” trips will begin from Richards @ Hastings.

Effective February 1 – March 2. #5 “Robson” trips will be-routed to travel from Richards @ Hastings via Richards, Pender and Burrard before returning to regular routing along Robson. There are no changes to the routing for interlined #6 “Downtown” trips.

15 Cambie/Downtown and N15 Cambie/Downtown NightBus

Effective February 1 – March 2. “Downtown” (northbound) trips will travel to Seymour via Smithe instead of Robson. “Cambie” trips will travel southbound in the downtown core via Richards St instead of Cambie St.

17 Downtown/UBC

Effective February 1 – March 2. Will travel into downtown only as far as Davie Street.

50 Waterfront Station/False Creek South

Effective February 1 – March 2, will be re-routed off of Granville (back onto Seymour northbound and Howe southbound) south of Robson.

Effective January 25 – March 2, will travel via Pender instead of Keefer between Abbott and Columbia.

North Vancouver bus terminus in downtown Vancouver

Effective February 1 – 28. Routes 240, 241, 242, 246, 247 to Vancouver will terminate at a new stop on Georgia eastbound between Cambie and Hamilton, instead of the current stop on Cambie. Trips to the North Shore for these routes will depart from this same point on Georgia. A minor downtown re-routing for trips to the North Shore will not affect any other stops.

C21 Yaletown/Beach/Burrard Station

C23 Davie/Yaletown-Roundhouse Station

Effective January 25 – February 28. No service east of Yaletown-Roundhouse Station. Customers wishing to access Main Street – Science World Station can use SkyTrain’s Canada Line (Yaletown-Roundhouse Station to Waterfront Station) and Expo/Millennium Line (Waterfront to Main Street – Science World Station).

N6 Downtown NightBus

Effective February 1 – March 2. Re-routed in downtown core off of Robson starting at Thurlow, travelling instead via Thurlow, Smithe, Burrard, Pender, Homer, Hastings and Richards to terminus on Dunsmuir. Note: no change for N6 “West End” trips.

N8 Fraser NightBus

Effective February 1 – March 2. Will not stop on Seymour near Robson. Board on Seymour at Dunsmuir. Note: no change to N8 “Downtown” trips.

N24 Upper Lonsdale/Lonsdale Quay/Downtown NightBus

Effective February 1 – 28. “Downtown” trips will end on Georgia at Cambie. “Upper Lonsdale/Lonsdale Quay” trips will be re-routed in downtown Vancouver, travelling from Georgia at Cambie via Georgia, Cambie, Smithe and Homer before resuming regular routing westbound on Georgia to Stanley Park Causeway.
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Re-route near Vancouver Olympic Centre

33 29th Avenue Station/UBC

Effective February 1 – March 2. Re-routed between Main & East 33rd Ave and King Edward Station (Cambie at King Edward Avenue), travelling via Main and King Edward instead of East 33rd, Midlothian, West 29th Ave and Cambie.

Re-routes near University of British Columbia (UBC)

25 Brentwood Station/UBC

33 29th Avenue Station/UBC

Effective February 1 – March 21. Re-routed off of Wesbrook Mall and off of West 16th Ave west of Blanca, travelling instead via University Boulevard and Blanca.

41 Joyce Station/UBC

43 Joyce Station/UBC

49 Metrotown Station/UBC

480 Richmond-Brighouse Station/UBC

Effective February 1 – March 21. Re-routed off of Wesbrook Mall south of UBC Loop and off of West 16th Avenue. As a result, there will be no transit service to TRIUMF. Will travel instead via SW Marine, NW Marine and the section of Wesbrook north of UBC Loop. Note: there are no stops along the SW Marine/NW Marine re-route section.

C20 Marine Drive

Effective January 25 – March 28. Re-routed to travel from UBC Loop via University Boulevard and East Mall to Thunderbird Boulevard.

C22 Hampton Place/UBC Loop

Effective February 1 – March 21. Re-routed to travel to Hampton Place via University Blvd, East Mall and W. 16th Ave. Then travels to Osoyoos Crescent via the local fire station roadway instead of Wesbrook Mall and Fairview Avenue.
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Re-route near Pacific Coliseum

N16 Renfrew Nightbus

Effective January 25 – March 1. Will not stop on McGill eastbound at either North Slocan or North Renfrew. Will not travel via North Renfrew Street. Re-routed around Hastings Park via McGill, Bridgeway and East Hastings to Renfrew Street.

Re-routes in Richmond

405 Five Road

Effective February 1 – March 1. One bus stop discontinues, on No. 5 Road at Riverside Way.

C94 Richmond Oval/Richmond-Brighouse Station

Effective February 1 – March 1. No service via Hollybridge Way, River Road or Lynas Lane. Will travel instead via Elmbridge Way to Westminster Hwy and then return eastbound toward Richmond-Brighouse Station.[source]

Furthermore there will be some 24 hours routes during the Winter Olympics: [source]
TransLink runs 12 different NightBus routes, with buses running every 30-minutes on core corridors in and out of downtown Vancouver. Additional late night bus service will be available during the Games, including 24-hour service on the following routes:

Operates 24-hours: (from last regular bus at night to first regular bus in morning)

  • N9 Coquitlam Centre (parallels Millennium Line and 97 B-Line)
  • N10 Granville, YVR, Richmond
  • N15 Cambie (parallels Canada Line to Marine Dr)
  • N17 Broadway to UBC
  • N19 Surrey Central (parallels Expo Line)
  • N24 North Shore (via Lonsdale)
  • N35 SFU via Hastings

Regular NightBus: (last scheduled trip leaves downtown Vancouver at 3:00 a.m.)

  • N6 West End
  • N8 Fraser
  • N16 Renfrew
  • N20 Victoria
  • N22 Macdonald

So I urge you to plan ahead, just because the Olympics are coming doesn’t mean the workers stop going to work.

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