Burnaby bakery caught falsely labelling organic bread for 3 years

Dec 19 2017, 5:20 pm

Following an organic-only routine is entirely dependent on trusting the producers. However, a Burnaby bakery has been caught selling organic bread that is not really organic – for three years.

According to the CBC, they have received documents that reveal the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has caught Mediterranean Bakery red handed for not using organic flour for breads labeled as organic. An inspector first became suspicious following a large delivery of non-organic conventional flour.

Through the process of inspecting the bakery, no organic flour could be found despite organic claims on the packaging. Canola oil was also used instead for some goods labeled with olive oil.

The bakery is a major bulk operation that produces organic bread for local restaurants and stores such as Whole Foods and Bosa Food.

Owner Dung Nguyen has admitted to food inspectors that he misled customers from July 2006 to September 2009 due to the high cost of organic flour. Inspectors have not penalized the bakery for misleading customers after Nguyen agreed to comply with regulators. Since 2009, the bakery has used organic flour and ingredients.

Featured Image: Freshly baked bread via Shutterstock

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