Buffalo pelt from B.C. ranch takes centre stage in The Revenant

Dec 20 2017, 3:32 am

Leonardo DiCaprio might be the star of Hollywood blockbuster The Revenant, but a coat made right here in B.C. is the standout performer of his wardrobe.


The buffalo hide jacket worn by DiCaprio’s character Hugh Glass in the Oscar-touted drama was made using pelts from XH Buffalo Ranch, a 250 head buffalo ranch on South Green Lake near 70 Mile House, British Columbia.

“We simply got a phone call out of the blue in the summer of 2014, when the set director and wardrobe department for the movie called us and made an inquiry. ‘Do you guys have hides, do you have skulls?'” Franzi Ng from XH Buffalo Ranch told Vancity Buzz. “Before we knew it two crates of hides and skulls were shipped down to Burnaby to the movie studio, and now they can be seen on Leonard DiCaprio’s shoulders [as] a beautiful buffalo coat that comes from our animals, and that my brother Rudy tanned by hand.”

As a family of Buffalo ranchers for over two decades, Ng says they could have never expected to be involved in something like a Oscar-worthy film.

“This was a complete surprise. To this day it’s kind of unreal,” she says. “This is a small part, but this Glass character, one of his characteristics is he wears a buffalo coat, and being able to provide that is terrific.”

With the film in theatres now, Ng says XH Buffalo Ranch is getting requests for hides skulls from as far away as Texas.

“[They’re] for their new born babies, or one person told us ‘Hey this has been my dream to own a buffalo hide,'” she says. “Our hides has been shipped across the world into private collections, museums, national parks, school, we’ve sent them to First Nations bands, and now of course we’re able to spread the joy even further and that’s really exciting.”

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