How a broken window became an art piece at this North Vancouver gallery

Jun 12 2020, 8:47 pm

The Polygon Gallery has taken on a new art piece, but it’s not by your usual artist.

This piece wasn’t made with a lot of deliberation; in fact, it was a minor accident that created this masterpiece. 

Reid Shier, director of Polygon Gallery, tells Daily Hive that the history of the exhibit actually dates back to 2019 when a young BMX biker was doing tricks beside the gallery. Unfortunately, he had a mishap and ended up smashing one of the gallery’s windows with his tires.

And that’s what gave North Vancouver resident Mark Teasdale the idea to turn an accident into art.

Teasdale, who enjoyed visiting the gallery before it closed for the pandemic, told Daily Hive he saw the broken window and thought of young skateboarders that he photographed in that area.

They would carry out stunts, and sometimes their skateboards would get lost, or they’d hit a wall or glass. And that’s when he had the idea to turn the broken window into an art piece. He added a sign next to the shattered glass reading “Artist Unknown, Youthful Mistakes, 2020 Skateboarder on Glass.”

“The Youthful Mistakes, 2020 was wording I liked as I feel it helps people remember their youth and the fun they had as a kid,” said Teasdale, adding “Skateboarder on Glass” made him chuckle, so he went with it. 

“As I walked I felt the need to share my thoughts with others to help them shift their way of thinking,” said Teasdale. “With all the madness in the world right now, if I could help distract people even for a short moment in time, I felt it would make a difference.”

The Polygon Gallery staff felt a similar way. However, they recently made a slight correction on Twitter, noting that the “art” was created by a BMX bike in 2019. 

“We appreciate the sign,” said Reid Shier, Director of Polygon Gallery. “It’s something we’ve taken light-heartedly and enjoy the artistic license taken by this young man.”

The Polygon Gallery is set to reopen its doors to the public on Thursday, June 18. Admission is donation-based, courtesy of the BMO Financial Group. 

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