5 reasons why you should care about B.C.'s next big industry

Dec 19 2017, 4:11 pm

We’re stripping you and your world down. Not literally, you pervert. Energy makes the world go ‘round, and we’re not talking about chugging-down caffeine to stay conscious in an 8 a.m. lecture.

This is part-three in our four part series. So far, we’ve featured the natural resources that keep you clean and keep you connected. This time, it’s a little different: we’ll be highlighting an industry that’s on its way to becoming a powerhouse in B.C.


Ever heard of LNG? No, that’s not a lettuce-Nutella-guac sandwich (though we’d love to try that), it’s liquefied natural gas. Turning gas into a liquid makes it way smaller, so it’s possible to ship – and here in B.C., a huge industry is about to be created out of it. We’ll tell you why that’s a good thing – so good that a group is running a petition to tell the government not to mess it up.


Here are the top five reasons why you should care about LNG in B.C.:

It will create jobs

Did we say only five reasons? Actually, it should be 100,005 reasons. Because if only five LNG plants are built, around 100,000 jobs will be created – and there are 20 different LNG projects are proposed.

We’re not just talking about far-flung jobs. Every worker in the LNG industry will want places to eat, homes to live in and entertainment opportunities – that means whether you’re a welder or a cook, LNG is an equally big opportunity. Want to work in a shiny downtown Vancouver office tower? No problem, a huge new industry needs armies of engineers, accountants, lawyers and other professional services.

It’s clean

“Gas” and “clean” aren’t usually associated with each other, but consider this: LNG emits 45% less CO2 than coal. Countries like China are now seeking to move away from coal – and replace it with something cleaner. That’s where B.C. comes in. So by developing LNG, we’re actually helping to fight climate change. And besides, if you’re feeling guilty about your BBQ’s tank this summer, you might want to turn your attention to those burgers instead, made from cows that may pollute as much as cars.

We have lots of it

You might be thinking “if LNG is so great, why don’t we save it all for ourselves?” Well, we just have so damn much of it! In fact, even as we export it to countries like India, China and Korea, we’ll still have enough for ourselves for over 150 years. That’s a lot of gas. Gassy Jack would be proud.

It will fund public services

Want more doctors, better schools and improved transit? And want to not pay higher taxes? LNG can help you with both: thanks to special taxes on the industry, the government is on track to gain $50 billion dollars by 2030. That’s huge: the government uses around $45 billion per year. Just think of that next time you’re on a SkyTrain and it’s so packed you can’t breathe.

It gets used in more places than you think

Natural gas isn’t just in your BBQ. The next time you go to Vancouver Island and order a Pirate Pack from the cafeteria, it might be LNG powering your ride. Staying local? TransLink has a huge (and growing) fleet of natural gas buses. And we can’t forget that natural gas is what heats our homes in the winter and lets us take those 25-minute hot showers.

So there you have it. A big LNG industry is just around the corner in B.C. – and it’s clean, it’s job-creating, it’s plentiful and it powers everyday life. No wonder there’s a petition for the government to let it happen.


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