Bringing their dreams to life: The designers of The Jervis

Dec 19 2017, 6:10 pm

Vancouver’s West End has always had its own unique charm. Full of heritage homes, chic apartments, and cutting-edge developments; it’s an iconic neighbourhood full of personality and eye-catching designs.

Soon to join this neighbourhood is The Jervis – the product of a collaboration between Intracorp and Inform Interiors, two leaders in their respective industries who share a passion for innovation and design perfection. The Jervis will offer perfectly formed and carefully crafted homes, made for living, inspired by beauty.

From the very beginning The Jervis was designed with living and aesthetics top of mind, and practicalities considered from every possible angle. The development is comprised of 58 perfectly-formed and carefully-crafted homes, built by design and made for living.

The neighbourhood in which it’s set was key to the development, and Nancy Bendtsen, co-owner of Inform Interiors, wanted convey the West End’s culture into her vision. “From the tree lined streets, the beautiful views and the neighbourhood feel. The West End is a total mix of people and personalities, just like Vancouver,” says Bendtsen.

In addition to The Jervis’ West End feel, Nancy and her husband, Neils Bendtsen, designed the living spaces with their unique personalities in mind, but also giving future residents a blank slate to work with.

“There is plenty of space to entertain and make your own. Every space is big enough to furnish in whichever way you choose to live,” says Brendtsen. “The large terraces will also allow residents to experience the beauty of The West End outdoors, right from their own home.”

“These condos portray our design dreams, within the space limitations.”

The Jervis_pic12

As for Bendsten’s own design inspiration? That’s something that manifested while studying architecture in Paris at École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts. “In Europe, beauty is absolutely everywhere,” she says. Nancy’s experiences across the pond trained her design eye and have been essential to her goal of enriching Vancouver with the stunning, refined, pieces you’ll find at Inform Interiors.

Launched at the age of 19 by her husband Niels, the store brings the best designs from around the world to Vancouver. An institution for more than 20 years, Inform Interiors now boasts two large showrooms in Gastown alongside a trade showroom in Rail Town; both of which have become a must-visit for those who share a love for design.

Anyone who loves design and shares a passion for the beauty of its creations would likely be familiar with the husband and wife team behind Inform. Niels Bendsten even has a chair, called the Ribbon Chair, on display at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art.

Image: Ribbon Chair, Museum of Modern Art

As for what you can find in the store, “We have the newest and most innovative designs, and old classics that just keep on giving,” Nancy says. “We have everything from attention to lighting to and kitchen detail to cutlery and even to what we think is the best water glass.”

Her advice to emerging design inspired individuals in Vancouver? “Explore and go abroad to Europe” she says. “Keep your eyes open as there are amazing points of beauty everywhere.”

Bendtsen hopes that both Inform Interiors and The Jervis enriches and inspires Vancouver when it comes to design. Her and Neils’ contribution to Vancouver’s design industry certainly does not go unnoticed and their passion for this project is truly inspiring.

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