Breaking Through Your Fears Workshop

Dec 19 2017, 12:19 pm

From living a life of self-destruction to living a life of love and positivity, Ruby Fremon has created radical changes to transform into the inspirational individual she is today. As a former Vancouver nightlife promoter, she spent many years living as a self-proclaimed “Weekend Warrior”, partying to mask her issues with depression and self-harm. But that all changed when she hit her personal rock-bottom moment… it was live or die, and Ruby chose to live. She moved forward, dedicating her efforts to improving her emotional, physical, and spiritual health as she embarked on her “Journey to Self-Love”.

Two years later, Ruby is living a life she never even imagined she was capable of living, in her new hometown of Los Angeles. Now, she is dedicated to a new journey – to help others create their own positive life transformations through the power of self-love.

Ruby has just launched a series of workshops and has decided to debut the first one in her hometown of Vancouver. “Breaking Through Your Fears” is a 2-hour, interactive workshop that will take place the evening of Tuesday October 14th. You’ll gain real tools to help you bust through your biggest fears so you can begin living your most positive life! Isn’t about time you lived your life fearlessly?

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Breaking Through Your Fears Workshop

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