Boudoir Cherry Popped

Dec 19 2017, 5:55 am

Ladies of Vancouver, if you are searching for that perfect gift for the man in your life, or you have been trying to find a way to see yourself in a way you never thought possible, feel more powerful, sexy, and confident in your life, then a boudoir session with Jennifer Williams may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Almost every woman can say that she has experienced the feeling of being sexy, seductive and sassy, but don’t always see it. Some women can barely look at themselves in the mirror, and can never sincerely think that they look beautiful with the curves, tiny frame, big bust, small bust, lucious bum or small bum that they carry around. They struggle with their image and think their body is a horrible burden. Others may already know that they are sexy, seductive, and sassy, but are still searching for that extra boost of fabulous in their life whether it’s for themselves or that special someone.

Many believe that seeing is believing, and Jennifer Williams is able to capture all that is exposed to make women believe. This gives women more confidence and self worth before stepping into the studio, destroying the beliefs that they have had about themselves for years. Jennifer helps women realize that there is no reason not to love the beautiful body that they were born with, no matter what shape or size.

Offering a fabulous one of a kind photo shoot, Jennifer’s creativity and passion allows women to intimately experience and discover their unmistakable beauty. Jennifer is a self-taught and internationally known photographer, shooting over 500 boudoir sessions in the past two years. Participating in many boudoir marathons, trade shows, and conferences, Jennifer has thoroughly been involved in the boudoir industry and has been recognized and published in many local magazines, blogs, and business’ in Vancouver as well as throughout Canada. Jennifer has built impressive clientele and a supportive fan base of over 2000 combined since October of 2011.

Women are photographed in lingerie of their choice, and can be situated in Jennifer’s Vancouver studio, resorts, hotels, outdoor venues, beaches, or various other locations. With the use of beautiful light, natural retouching and gorgeous expressions, timeless images are created that women confidently can say they are proud of. High quality albums, print products, and services are offered in the packages including hair and makeup from celebrity artist Kelly Trerise. In addition to the packages, a bottle of champagne, music, and gift packages are showered exclusively for her spoiled clients. Women who decide to spend an afternoon or evening with Jennifer Williams and Kelly Trerise, are in for the experience of a life time, topped off with all the lace, sexy, sparkle, and glam every women deserves to indulge in.


The photography that you see is just a vessel of the experience.

So, why wait?

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