First ever Bootleg Bart Vancouver Art Show on July 17

Dec 19 2017, 4:03 pm

The Simpsons have been a mainstay of pop culture since the first full episode aired on American television in December 1989. As the cartoon continued to gain popularity in the ’90s, so did the demand for official merchandise.

To meet the needs of crazed fans looking for Bart Simpson merchandise, black market entrepreneurs started producing knockoff tees that have since come to be known as “Bootleg Bart” shirts. Through these bootleg shirts, the character of Bart Simpson evolved into a mascot for a number of different issues that were completely unrelated to the show, from rap music to the Gulf War.

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The first ever Vancouver Bootleg Bart Art Show will be showing at Fortune Sound Club on Friday, July 17 featuring work by a curated list of both local and international artists. Public art submissions will also be accepted from now until July 10 and could possibly be chosen to be displayed at the show. Submissions can be sent to [email protected].

Participating artists

  • Yung Lenox
  • Skip Class
  • Alex Rhek
  • Remio
  • Kaput
  • Logan Morrison
  • Dedos
  • The Dark
  • Peter Ricq
  • Peter Taylor
  • RC Leigh
  • Justin Gradin
  • Some Hoodlum
  • Kate Fobert
  • Padysz
  • Cassie Sprake
  • Ainsley Willow
  • Demoe
  • Christian Whiticar
  • Stacy Gabriel
  • Andrew Shoemaker
  • Kash_Honey x B6
  • Sam Is Chill
  • Randy Laybourne
  • Science
  • Cody Fennel
  • Shun
  • Russ Morland
  • Shawn Trusty O’Keefe
  • Matt Andres Art
  • JP Valdes
  • Jesse Bastien
  • Brandon Komori
  • Erik Van Kobra ( Wolf/Sheep Arthouse )
  • Crow Campbell + more

Bootleg Bart

Bootleg Bart Vancouver Art Show

When: Friday, July 17

Time: 8 to 11 p.m.

Where: Fortune Sound Club – 147 East Pender Street

RSVP for free attendance before 11 p.m. to [email protected].