Body, mind, soap and the new social media game

Lavan: Body, Mind, & Soap, the oasis of luxury at Granville and Robson, is changing the social media game.

Social media is no secret to Vancouver entrepreneurs. Even the least innovative businesses now have WordPress blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds – and many have more than just one. In a city that breeds innovation like Vancouver does, only the revolutionary efforts can be recognized as truly special.

Enter Lavan – the beautiful natural skincare shop on Granville at Robson that was profiled by the Buzz a few months back. The brand continues to thrive, and is just about ready to launch a new line of products for the upcoming season. However, it’s not the body scrubs, cleansers, Dead Sea bath salts, or soaps that are the most innovative – it’s their unique marketing strategy.

Just over a month ago, Lavan launched a new kind of social media campaign. Needless to say, cosmetic businesses like Lavan aren’t exactly known for their innovation in marketing. In such an overpopulated sector of the market, it is sometimes difficult to even recognize a familiar brand’s advertising. This campaign, however, is tough to forget.

So what exactly did owner and founder Shanie Bar-Oz do? She created an individual. “There is no doubt that social media is here to stay. What would be a better way to learn about a brand than to open its Facebook or Twitter page? The old-fashioned way of stating the company’s core values on the office wall simply doesn’t work anymore. I believe in direct communication with Lavan’s customers and what better way do we have than social media? After all, Lavan is designing her products for her customer’s needs.”

This is the image they are using to portray the character

Bar-Oz believes that by tying the brand to the life of a person, Lavan customers will be more likely to follow the brand, communicate with it and relate easier to the brand’s values and the product itself.

The individual, aptly named Lavan, has quite the personality, too. The Lavan blog features an in-depth interview with her, answering questions about her choice in Vancouver as the brand’s first location, the products as well as her personal interests, goals, and history and more importantly here view of life and core values.

Bar-Oz notes that “Lavan has her own feelings, dilemmas, and relationships and, like the rest of us, she is dealing with life’s challenges. Different matters affecting her will affect what happens in the shop and vice-versa. She encourages Lavan costumers to interact and share their desires from her brand. More importantly, Lavan is here to educate and advise her costumers and answer any questions about health, wellbeing, healthy nutrition, traditional natural remedies and of course, her specialty – natural cosmetics.”

The creative social media strategy allows costumers to get their hands on special edition products, inside information, honest and open communication with the brand itself, and answers for any questions they may have. Lavan’s friends also benefit from early bird seasonal sales and promotions in tandem with shakeups of Lavan’s ongoing experience as a new arrival from the land of Israel. Bar-Oz promises that new products will also be made available according to the communication with Lavan’s social media friends as well as the phases throughout Lavan’s life as well.

“The main goal is to learn what Lavan customers truly seek and prefer. We are already noticing higher engagement through our social media pages and I am positive it will only grow and expand,” states Bar-Oz.

Anyone familiar with Lavan’s product line knows that the Vancouver-based Israeli-made brand has a precedent for success in creating quality skincare and lifestyle products, but their new marketing strategy looks to be a new and unique approach that Bar-Oz suspects will prove once more how unique her brand truly is. Look for big things in social media from what can certainly be called Vancouver’s most luxurious natural skincare shop.