Yes, there is a $23 grilled cheese named for "Condo King" Bob Rennie

Dec 7 2016, 9:27 am

There are grilled cheese sandwiches, and then there is a grilled cheese sandwich named after Vancouver’s “Condo King” Bob Rennie. The latter happens to be a $23 menu item now available at YEW seafood + bar inside the Four Seasons Vancouver.

“The Rennie” Grilled Cheese is on the YEW lunch menu, and is described simply as having “Aged Farmhouse Cheddar, Heirloom Tomato Soup.”

We love a good grilled cheese, and often file them in our ongoing Cheap Eats series (even a basic one at Mom’s Grilled Cheese truck won’t totally break the bank), but the duo of legendary local real estate marketer Rennie and some grilled bread and melty cheese with a hefty price tag is possibly even more delicious than the combo of sandwich and soup itself.

Considering that YEW is well-known for being a power-player lunch spot in the downtown core, the naming and the pricing isn’t too surprising, but the sandwich has already gotten a little media attention and of course, there has been some fun(ny) reactions on social media.

A sampling:

However, no one had quite as much fun with the tidbit as local journalist Justin McElroy, who first shared some witty observations about the Rennie Grilled Cheese, then did a tweet-by-tweet telling of his day-off hands-on research experiment of going to YEW to try the sandwich himself.

Thank you, Justin, for not only doing this investigation and tweeting it, but also for letting us use the tweets in this story. Really, Vancouver thanks you. You totally took one for the team.

We asked the media liaison for the Four Seasons Vancouver and YEW about the sandwich, and they told us this:

In keeping with our flair for creativity, a sense of humour and a touch of rebelliousness, YEW seafood + bar strives to deliver delicious food with our legendary Four Seasons service in a fun, welcoming atmosphere for all guests – whether you are joining us for a grilled cheese sandwich or whatever your palate desires.

It will be interesting to see if many locals will be biting when it comes to this new sandwich offering in town. We’ll also keep our eyes out for the very meta event of Rennie eating The Rennie.

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