All-white Toronto Blue Jays uniforms get roasted by fans

Aug 23 2019, 11:51 pm

Major League Baseball made an interesting choice for this year’s Players’ Weekend uniforms by asking teams to wear either all-white or all-black numbers for the August 23-25 games.

Judging by the response from social media, those uniforms should have never made it past the prototype stage. As the visiting team at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, the Blue Jays sported monochromatic white uniforms, while the Mariners wore all-black uniforms.

These uniforms elicited a great deal of response from fans, writers, and broadcasters alike, and most was negative feedback. If it seemed the Blue Jays looked like a boy band on the field, they did.

Or maybe you were expecting them to swing by on an ice cream pedal cart with a freezer full of Bomb Pomps and Drumsticks?

It almost looks like somebody forgot to add colours to the uniforms and helmets before these things went out to the players.

These guys could’ve also doubled as cricket players with their all-white numbers.

The tradition of door-to-door milk delivery has been dead for decades, but maybe the Blue Jays might look at reviving that time-honoured practice?

In theory, it may have been a fresh idea to roll out these monochromatic uniforms, but the uniforms looked awful on the field. The players in white uniforms looked like part of the cleanup crew, while the players in black could have been mistaken for the umpiring crew.

Even Kristen Smoak, the wife of Blue Jays’ first baseman Justin Smoak (and their daughter) felt the same way about what the Blue Jays wore on the field.

Or hey, maybe this was just Major League Baseball’s way of promoting their Field of Dreams game next summer by having half of the teams wear all-white uniforms?

At the very least, this look translates as evening attire.

Believe it or not, the Blue Jays and Mariners (and every other team in Major League Baseball) will wear these numbers the entire weekend.

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