A freshly painted bright blue house in Alberta sparked a wild debate

Jul 26 2022, 8:33 pm

Painting a house a new colour is a lot of work and commitment and one Reddit post of a home in Calgary that’s blue has sparked a bit of a debate on what colours are most pleasing and accepted.

The post has two photos of the home that is vibrant blue, with the caption, “Neighbours put on some fresh paint! A bold choice, that’s for sure.”

In less than a day the post has amassed hundreds of comments, with some expressing their love for the home and others, disdain.

“City’s neighbourhoods could use some colours. All the houses (including mine) in my neighbourhood are just different shades of beige..” wrote one user, with another agreeing adding, “Old neighbourhood, bright colours. I like it. Maybe it’ll inspire other homes to paint their houses and create a little pocket of fun houses.”

“In the days of yore, that would have been great for directions. “Turn left at the blue house,” wrote another.

Someone also commented, “Haha, I just drove by this place the other day and commented about it to my husband. That’s a bright one.”

Whatever the case, this blue house in YYC sure has grabbed people’s attention. Better be on the lookout for it while cruising around, it can’t be hard to miss!

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