Meet Blossom, the adorable pooch who just found her furever home

Jun 22 2021, 12:28 pm

Pets and animals are beyond precious, which is why it saddens us to no end that so many are mistreated, neglected, and have difficulties finding good homes where they can be protected and cared for. That’s why the Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS) has launched a 50/50 draw to help rescue them.

And while so many of these sorrowful stories end in tragedy, Blossom — a severely neglected German Shepherd-Lab mix who was rescued by locals — has a story of resilience, with a happy ending.

When she was found running loose around a busy Richmond intersection, she was terribly underweight, malnourished, suffering from extreme mange, and missing most of her hair. She was smelly and itchy, and just all around in rough shape.

Thankfully, the good samaritans who discovered Blossom brought her to RAPS, where the team of animal professionals immediately came to her aid.

Blossom beginning her road to recovery at the RAPS Animal Hospital (RAPS)

For over 25 years, RAPS has played a meaningful role in helping animals and their people across BC. The RAPS Cat Sanctuary, which is home to hundreds of felines who would have otherwise faced euthanasia, is the largest in the country.

RAPS also operates the community-owned, not-for-profit RAPS Animal Hospital, an Adoption and Education Centre, three thrift stores, an animal advocacy and education division, a pet food bank, and a fostering network. This full continuum of care enables RAPS to save and improve the lives of thousands of animals.

It’s with the help of these important facilities that Blossom — after receiving diligent medical care and loving attention — was able to fully recover and finally bloom. In other jurisdictions, Blossom would almost certainly have faced euthanasia.

The sweet pup underwent a range of treatments, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), which helped repair her tissue and heal other issues. Currently, the RAPS Animal Hospital is the only veterinary facility in Canada with HBOT for cats and dogs.

Today, Blossom has been with RAPS for roughly seven months; her skin healed, her hair grown, and her once slender frame filled out.

The real transformation, however, has been seeing her come out of her shell. When she first arrived at RAPS, the abrasions on her skin made it painful for her to be touched. Now, far from recoiling, Blossom is a full snuggle-bunny, vying for all the love and affection she can get.

On June 11, after months of rehabilitation and expert care, she finally went to her new furever home, where she will continue to bloom.

Blossom in full bloom (RAPS)

But, sadly, the journey doesn’t quite end there. While Blossom’s story has a happy ending, the fate of animals in many other jurisdictions isn’t so. And the time and resources required to nurse animals like Blossom back to health are more than some agencies can afford.

Because RAPS is a no-kill animal-serving organization, they spend as much time and as many resources as needed to get animals back to living their best lives — all thanks to the support of the community.

To continue their important work rescuing and caring for animals in need, RAPS is now building a Dog Sanctuary and Adoption Centre where dogs like Blossom can receive 24/7 care — including veterinary medicine, socialization, and rehabilitation.

There, dogs will have a safe place to call home until they find their furever family – however long that takes. The centre will be a loving and magical place for rehabilitating abused, neglected, and otherwise un-adoptable canines.

But in order to save hundreds of other animals like Blossom, RAPS needs community support and funding to complete the construction of this world-class facility.

To do just this, the organization has launched a 50/50 draw, licensed by the BC government. This means that in addition to contributing to a worthy cause, participants (who must be BC residents over 19 years of age) have the opportunity to win a big pot of cash.

Dr. Regan Schwartz getting a kiss from Tugboat at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary (RAPS)

Currently, the jackpot is past the $25,000 mark — of which the lucky winner gets half. But the real winners are the animals. 

The proceeds will go towards the renovation of the RAPS Cat Sanctuary and the construction of the RAPS Dog Sanctuary and Adoption Centre. The latter will be equipped with everything a dog could need while eagerly awaiting adoption, including professional trainers, rehabilitation experts, doctors, support staff, and all the love and care they could need and want.

To enter the 50/50 draw, you can purchase tickets right here. The deadline to enter the draw is midnight on Saturday, July 31, which means the pot will keep growing for weeks to come. 

If you’re under 19 or outside of BC, don’t worry, you can still support RAPS through donations and volunteer work.

19+ only. Know your limit. Play within it. BC Gaming Event Licence #128589. Chances are 1 in 2,294,000 (total tickets for sale) to win a prize. Actual odds depend on the number of tickets sold.

Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111 

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