Adorable blind dog and seeing eye cat looking for forever home

Jan 27 2021, 12:04 am

Seeing a friendship between a cat and a dog is always adorable, but these two pets are truly something special.

Not only have they spent their entire lives together, but one is a seeing guide for the other. Spike, a dog that happens to be blind, relies on his best friend Max, who is his seeing-eye cat.

These two friends were living outside, and during a recent cold snap, their original owners realized they couldn’t keep the proper care that the animals deserved. Saving Grace Animal Society in Alix, Alberta took them both in with open arms.

Right away, the shelter could see the kinship between these two pals.

“Max would sleep in front of at the entrance of the shelter making sure spike was safe,” the Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary told Daily Hive.

The Saving Grace Animal Society is a special place for the animals across Canada. They look for suitable homes for many of their furry friends, and they hope someone will take in Spike and Max to provide a loving home for the unlikely pair.

“A perfect home would be someone with patience as Max loves to explore and ensure Spike’s safety with him being blind,” said the sanctuary.

A duo like this is extremely rare, even for an animal rescue sanctuary like Saving Grace.

“We havenā€™t seen a bonded cat and dog before in shelter,” said the sanctuary.

Because of their lifelong bond, Spike and Max will only be available for adoption as a pair. They still need a full medical check, and once they’re ready to be adopted, Saving Grace will be posting it on their Facebook page.

For anyone looking on more information on what The Saving Grace Animal Society offers, to look at their other adorable animals up for adoption, or to learn how to donate, you can visit their website.

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