Blenz Coffee IV gets caffeine straight into your bloodstream

Mar 30 2017, 7:31 pm

Coffee straight into your bloodstream now.

The Blenz Coffee IV will give a boost of energy like you’ve never experienced before!

You asked and we listened! Blenz Coffee is proud to introduce their new “Coffee IV”, allowing you to get pure caffeine straight to your bloodstream! Blenz locations are launching the Coffee IV at all locations starting today.

The Blenz Coffee, “Coffee IV”, is the first coffee shop in the world to specialize in intravenous coffee therapy. When purchasing your very own Coffee IV at any Blenz Coffee location, a registered nurse will be on-site to assist you with the best care when operating your Coffee IV.

Blenz Coffee is delivering you high doses of caffeine straight to your veins to give you the perfect boost of energy – just choose your size.

$10.00 – Coffee IV: equivalent to 4-5 cups of coffee

Blenz Coffee looks forward to supporting and caffeinating every person who walks through their doors, one drip at a time.