BlackBerry Cracks and RIM in need of a Miracle

RIM could soon join the ranks of Kodak and Palm as what appears to be an inevitable crash for the blackberry maker.  RIM reported lower than expected revenues and profits for their fiscal fourth quarter and admits that business threats keep mounting.

Despite hopes of turning the company around and pressing the reboot button with a new board, new CEO, and new licencing agreements, things have yet to go as planned.

With the more recent departure of Jim Balsillie resigning from the Board, executive lay-offs, and CEO Thorstein Heins looking at possible options to sell the pioneering and might I add Canadian firm, RIM better get good at pulling rabbits out of hats with their upcoming BlackBerry 10 Platform and BlackBerry Mobile Fusion offerings.

As a case study for budding tech entrepreneurs or even established industry leaders, the lessons and implications are pretty clear; 1) Never get comfortable 2) Never stop innovating 3) Never say never.

Wireless industry analyst Horace Dediu  notes that Microsoft’s phone platforms went from 12% to 1%,  Nokia’s Symbian platform went from 47% share to 16% in three years,  RIM’s went from 17% to 12%, and other platforms went from 21% to zero. Meanwhile, over a two year period, Google’s Android OS went from zero to 48% and Apple’s iOS went from 2% to 19%.

If that doesn’t spell volatility and keep you on your toes, I don’t know what does.

Who knows if Apple and Google will be in for a similar surprise down the line, sounds laughable now, but the same comment about RIM would have brought about a similar smirk for CrackBerry addicts.