#BieberTails: BeaverTails teased wanting to work with Justin Bieber

Dec 2 2021, 8:38 pm

After Tim Hortons’ Timbiebs blew up across the country thanks to Justin Bieber fans, another Canadian company wants to make a sweet deal with the singer.

BeaverTails, the beloved dessert company known for its delicious fried pastries, apparently wants to work with the Biebs after sharing a screenshot of a tweet the “Baby” singer posted back in 2012.


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“Cereal is really good,” said Bieber in a tweet shared at 3 am. Think what you want with that tweet but it looks like it inspired BeaverTails to want to bring their cereal pastries back just for the star.

“Should we bring back these pastries for the biebs?” said BeaverTail, showing off their Cookie Crisp, Trix, and Lucky Charms treats. “Call it the #biebertails.”

They’re not the only company making a play on words with Biebers last name.

Budweiser Canada commented on the Tim Hortons Instagram post promoting Timbiebs, teasing that Bieber also needs a cold “Biebweiser.”

justin bieber

Tim Hortons

The potential collabs seem almost endless thanks to how popular Timbiebs are.

In fact, they’re so popular that even Michael BublĂ© wants to make some magic with Tim Hortons to make BublĂ©Balls a reality.

But for now, it’s clearly all about Bieber, and who knows, maybe BeaverTails has something in the works?

We’ll continue to enjoy our Timbiebs while we wait.

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