The Beyond Burger is now being made in Canada

Jul 22 2020, 2:27 pm

It’s officially easier to eat plant-based and locally, as the Beyond Burger is now being produced in Canada.

Beyond Meat has announced that the latest iteration of the Beyond Burger is being made at a “co-manufacturing facility” located in Quebec, and is now available at major grocery stores nationwide.

The new version of the popular plant-based burger has 20g of protein derived from simple, plant-based ingredients such as peas, mung beans, and rice, and features marbling made from cocoa butter that is designed to melt and tenderize the way that beef does.

“We look forward to providing the Canadian consumer with our latest burger iteration and to furthering our commitment to this important market by investing in local production,”Ethan Brown, Founder and CEO of Beyond Meat, said in a release.

“Our process of rapid and relentless innovation in service of the consumer, and making investments in the markets we serve, are key pillars in our company’s strategy to provide delicious and nutritious plant-based protein with a lower environmental footprint.”

The new veg burger is now available at grocery stores across Canada for $7.99 a pop, joining Beyond Beef and Beyond Sausage on the shelves.


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