Local sauce maker 'heartbroken' over Vancouver Coastal Health's warning

Nov 9 2018, 12:26 am

The maker of Betty’s King Sauce posted a response on her Instagram with a caption reading “my heart is broken today,” after Vancouver Coastal Health issued a warning saying the product could cause botulism, a serious and often fatal form of foodborne illness.

While the statement said no illnesses have been linked to the product at this time, the health authority warned the sauce is “considered unsafe because of the potential to grow Clostridium botulinum bacteria.”

Authorities are asking anyone who has purchased Betty’s King Sauce to discard of the product after “inspectors discovered that the product is being produced in a person’s home in Richmond, which is not an approved and inspected facility, and the ingredients and processing method could allow for the growth of the harmful bacteria.”

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The owner and maker of the sauce took to her social media platform to let customers know she was being asked to stop making the sauce in her Richmond home but thanked everyone for the outpour of support for her much-loved sauce.

Hi friends. As you know, Betty’s King Sauce has always been made in my home kitchen in small batches with love which I get to share with friends like you. I don’t make it in a commercial kitchen and couldn’t afford to keep sharing the joy it brings my community if I did. That being said, the city health authorities has taken issue and will be issuing a public warning. What does this mean? It mean they are wanting people to know I don’t make it in a commercial facility that is tested. It means they are wanting people to know I don’t make it in a commercial facility that is tested. It does not mean there has been any issues, but said that I have to stop my home production. Thank you for all of your encouragement and support, without your consistent love and the heart for sharing I wouldn’t have gotten to know so much of you and have the glorious friendships the world has to offer. XOXO Betty

For more information about this health warning call Vancouver Coastal Health’s Health Protection at 604-233-3147 and ask to speak to a senior environmental health officer.