Best waffles in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 8:51 pm

Drizzled with wonderfully sweet maple syrup, dusted with icing sugar, or topped with a mountain of cream and fresh fruit, these are some of the delicious ways to enjoy a warm, crisp waffle. Lucky for us, Vancouver is full places offering this delectable treat and it’s many decadent iterations.

Read on to discover where to find the best waffles in Vancouver.

Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

Brussels and Liege waffles baked fresh daily and served with all kinds of tantalizing sweet and savoury toppings make Nero a favourite spot for waffle indulgence in Vancouver. Look for their exciting specials and seasonal treats, like waffles with ice cream in the summer.

Address: 1703 Robson Street, West End
Phone: 778-712-0694
Twitter: @NeroWaffleBar

Café Medina

Café Medina’s Liege Waffles (Jess Fleming / Vancity Buzz)

Café Medina’s Liege Waffles (Jess Fleming / Vancity Buzz)

This wildly popular downtown brunch spot is renowned for their Mediterranean-inspired bistro fare, excellent coffee, and delicious (and seemingly endless supply) of Liege waffles. Top with one of Café Medina’s delectable sauces, like Milk Chocolate Lavender, Pistachio Rosewater, or Salted Caramel, and you’ve got an unforgettable sweet treat.

Address: 780 Richards Street, Downtown
Phone: 604-879-3114


Off The Grid Waffles

This East Van waffle house has certainly created some buzz since opening late last year, thanks in large part to the Instagram worthy treats on offer. In addition to sweet dessert waffles and savoury pizza waffles, the Kingsway shopfront also whips up a range of enticing shakes complete with their own waffle wedge.

Address: 2665 Kingsway, East Vancouver
Phone: 778-996-1812

Waffle Gone Wild

At West Broadway’s Waffle Gone Wild freshly baked Liege waffles are made to order using fresh ingredients and no preservatives. Choose from their sweet selections like Strawberry Heaven or go for savoury, like their Japanese Okonomiyaki-style waffle.

Address: 2967 West Broadway, Kitsilano
Phone: 604-568-5679

Patisserie Lebeau

Those who drop by this West 2nd Avenue storefront will find themselves in waffle heaven. Patisserie Lebeau crafts all varieties of their Belgian Liege waffles from scratch in-house, and offers them in flavours like maple, pure vanilla (original), and dark chocolate, just to name a few. There’s also a variety of filled and savoury waffles to choose from too.

Address: 1728 West 2nd Avenue, Fairview Slopes
Phone: 604-731-3528

Yolk’s Breakfast

Yolk's Chicken & Waffle (Jess Fleming / Vancity Buzz)

Yolk’s Chicken & Waffle (Jess Fleming / Vancity Buzz)

Yolk’s Breakfast has gained legendary status in the city for their reliably good egg dishes, however, the breakfast-focused eatery also prepares some seriously tasty Belgian waffles. Served with maple syrup and a choice of bacon, ham, or sausage Yolk’s waffles are soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. Add a delectable sweet topping, or check out their chicken and waffles with gravy and syrup. Add a poached egg…you know you want to! (while Yolk’s does have a food cart, their waffles are only available at their brick and mortar locations)

Address: 1298 East Hastings Street
Phone: 604-428-9655

Address: 546 West Broadway
Phone: 604-559-9655



Miura Restaurant & Bar

Waffle Burger (Lindsay William-Ross/Vancity Buzz)

Waffle Burger (Lindsay William-Ross / Vancity Buzz)

Mirua Restaurant & Bar (formerly Miura Waffle Milk Bar) recently rebranded. While the menu has been updated to include more refined pan-Asian eats, the eatery is still offering their phenomenal waffle sandwiches (thank goodness!). Using their fluffy, mildly sweet signature waffles as bread, there’s a lot of fun and flavour packed in Miura’s sandwich creations. There’s the mouth-stretching Waffle Burger, complete with a beef patty; the finger-licking-good Garlic Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich; and the Baja Waffle Sandwich, which is filled with avocado tempura, tomato, cilantro, and spicy lime mayo.

Address: 2521 Main Street
Phone: 604-687-2909
Twitter: @miurayv


Family owned and operated, Scandilicious proudly serves Scandinavian and European sweet and savoury waffles, alongside coffee and a line of Scandinavian baked goods. Sweet indulgences include Brussels-style waffles topped with almond butter, raspberry jam, bananas, and blueberries. The humble spot also have vegan and gluten-free waffles available.

Address: 25 Victoria Drive
Phone: 604-877-2277

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