Best Vancouver Instagram photos: June 16 to 22

Jun 20 2016, 10:50 pm

Vancouver is home to some amazing photographers, and many of them are on Instagram. Every week, we receive thousands of photo submissions by email and social media with the hashtag #DailyHiveVan and/or #VancityBuzz.

A compilation of the best photos in and around Metro Vancouver is created every week; if you want to get noticed, simply upload your photo on Instagram and use the hashtag.

From the best of nature to the best of the urban, and everything in between, Vancouver’s best photos on Instagram will be featured in our next weekly photo gallery!

The Vancouver Grizzlies will forever be my team. Lol

A photo posted by Vancouver / Hong Kong (@thendrw) on

Night lights

A photo posted by Jarad (@jaradss) on

A photo posted by Tom Hill (@tomhill_photography) on

Probably my favourite street in Vancouver during sunset …

A photo posted by Carlitos (@kill_theframe) on

You’re never going to get that perfect shot if you stay on the sidewalk… #stayhungry

A photo posted by John Entwistle (@entwistlephoto) on

Probably my favourite street in Vancouver during sunset …

A photo posted by Carlitos (@kill_theframe) on

Rush hour

A photo posted by Bruce Wayne (@reasonablephotos) on

Great day to head down to the beach!

A photo posted by Spencer Finlay (@spencerfinlayphotography) on

North Vancouver, #lionsgate #lionsgatebridge #vancity #vancitybuzz #vancityfeed #dailyhivevan #landscape #vancouver

A photo posted by Dongjin Kim, (@christeller) on

Run Harry Jerome – an iconic bronze statue found along the Stanley Park Seawall! #harryjerome #lodenconcierge #stanleypark

A photo posted by ᴊᴇɴɴ ᴄʜᴀɴ (@jennchanphotography) on

last evening of a chapter: pretty good! #vancitybuzz

A photo posted by leslie (@candidnature) on

A little #vancouver #vizsla meetup with a great crowd of humans and pups. Drone shot coming! #vizslagram #vancitybuzz #dogsofcanada

A photo posted by Whiskey The Vizsla (@vizsla_whiskeygirl) on

SUNSETS are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully. – Kristan Butler #brentwood #burnaby #bc

A photo posted by Matthew Ng (@matthamphetamine) on

Problem solving on our early morning Board meetings for Ground Control #kahunapaddleboards

A photo posted by Lets Make Something Together (@_groundcontrol) on


A photo posted by Herleen Sethi (@herleensethi) on

Can’t beat views from the north shore

A photo posted by Lisa Amisano (@lisaamisanophotography) on


A photo posted by sandy to ( on

The good and bad // 🌦 #vancouver #britishcolumbia #rainbow #vancitybuzz #raincouver

A photo posted by Ines Jovanović (@inesjovaaa) on

Some views never get old…. PC @dianemin11

A photo posted by Angela Liguori (@angelaliggs) on

Even more crowds #richmondnightmarket #nightmarket #vancitybuzz #dailyhivevan

A photo posted by Mikey Enriquez (@heymikeyhey) on

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