Best Vancouver #OOTD photos from Instagram October 10-17

Oct 15 2016, 9:52 pm

Vancouver may have a reputation for wearing a bit too much spandex and gore-tex, but we’re here to challenge that image.

So to celebrate everything stylish in our city here’s our look back at some of Vancouver’s best dressed. Tag #dailyhivestyle on Instagram to be included in our upcoming articles.

Talking rainy day style on the blog today (and how much Reggie hates it lol) ☔️ Photo by @tovogueorbust

A photo posted by Alicia Winnett (@aliciafashionista) on

The reason I don’t like camping is because I like to wear clothes like this 😳 #coatmoment

A photo posted by Jill Lansky (@theaugustdiaries) on

tfw you have designer eyebags

A photo posted by dom (@dsc.yu) on

In denial that it’s October (although the weather definitely makes sure that I dress for it) ❄️

A photo posted by ☁️ D E B O R A H ☁️ (@deborah.zhang) on

Last pic 🙅🏻

A photo posted by EMILY CHOᏔ (@emiliechow) on

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