Best Vancouver food stories of 2014

Dec 19 2017, 9:18 pm

This city definitely has a thirst for booze news, a love of lowbrow eating and meals with a twist. At least that’s how this year was plated up when it comes to our best Vancouver food stories of 2014.

Naked Sushi is now in Vancouver (PHOTOS)


Naked Sushi Inc/Facebook

Answering the prayers of a select local demographic, a Toronto-based company offering parties where the sushi is served on a model’s naked body brought their unique enterprise to Vancouver. Die-hard sushi enthusiasts might shudder, and those looking for a hands-on experience may be sad to learn it’s eat, but don’t touch when it comes to Naked Sushi.

Happy Hour coming to B.C. this summer, liquor outlets in grocery stores by early-2015

Beer Wine Alcohol / Shutterstock

Drinks on the bar via Shutterstock

There were some big changes set in motion in B.C. this year when it comes to how and when we can purchase and consume alcohol. The first of two major jolts to the local drinking scene was the ability for establishments to offer Happy Hour specials. But there was a bit of fallout thanks to pricing: Is Happy Hour actually Unhappy Hour?

Only 2 of 53 grocery stores in Vancouver eligible to sell liquor

Beer wine liquor store alcohol / Shutterstock

Shopping for wine via Shutterstock

Yay, grocery stores can sell liquor! Oh, wait…thanks to the layout of the laws, that means only two out of 53 of Vancouver’s grocery stores are actually eligible to participate. Sadface.

Vancouver Extends Patio Hours

patio vancouver tap and barrel

Christopher Porter via Flickr

Excellent news this summer for Vancouverites who enjoy sipping, snacking, and people-watching on the city’s many terrific patios: Longer hours! And we love us some patios here. We love them on a roof, we love them in downtown, we love them with our kids, we love them for some wine, we love them at dessert time. With coffee. In Kits. Or tucked away. Or…okay. You get the idea.

Watch Americans try famous Canadian snack foods (VIDEO)



In this hilarious Buzzfeed video, Americans were confronted with some of Canada’s most curious snack foods. Though it’s hard to get on board with the inclusion of the No Name brand of All-Dressed chips, it’s still a hoot to hear what our friends south of the border have to say about our snacks.

North Vancouver restaurant allegedly short changes customer $30 who bought $7.42 sandwich


Screenshot via Facebook

Springtime brought a scandal this year at a North Van pizza restaurant, where a customer’s allegation he was shortchanged over $30 on a sandwich purchase went viral. The restaurant spoke out in reply, saying in this case, the customer was wrong.

Is Vancouver street food really “too expensive”?


Photo via Le Tigre Cuisine on Facebook

How far off is the perception from reality when it comes to the price of street food in Vancouver? We talked to several street vending business insiders to learn more about their cost of doing business, how they price their items, and what it takes for them to be successful, all while giving customers the food and experience they’re looking for.

Ultimate Caesar Garnish in Vancouver

Ultimate Caesar

Photo courtesy Score on Davie

When it comes to what’s sticking out of the top of your Caesar glass at brunchtime, this one is all that and a bag of chips, pretty much. Score on Davie took a shot at essentially putting your whole meal in a garnish with their Luongo Caesar. Cheers!

All You Need To Know About McDonald’s Poutine

Vancity Buzz McDonald's Poutine

Photo by Corbet Rutzer/Vancity Buzz

In which we review Canada’s beloved dish of fries topped with gravy and cheese curds, as served by the world’s biggest fast food chain.

Cat Cafe Vancouver opening this year


Cat Cafe via Shutterstock

For those who like their coffee and croissant in the company of cats, some promising news about the launch of Vancouver’s first Cat Cafe. Based on the Japanese prototype, the cafe would allow guests to buy a drink and food in one room, then visit cats in a separate room. The owner got the (fur) ball in motion with a crowdfunding campaign.

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