Best sandwiches in Vancouver

May 27 2016, 3:50 am

There is so much to love about the humble sandwich, especially when it’s taken to epic heights, or is piled with stellar ingredient combos and served on beautiful bread.

We’ve talked about banh mi, grilled cheese, and the sandwich’s distant cousins (like hot dog, hamburger, and even veggie burger). We’ve even gotten as specific as kick ass fried chicken sandwiches.

To celebrate everything else that’s fantastic between two pieces of bread, here is our list of the best sandwiches in Vancouver.

Porchetta at Meat & Bread

It’s virtually impossible to mention “sandwich” and “Vancouver” in the same sentence without including Meat & Bread. This powerhouse sandwich spot keeps things simple with their menu, offering daily specials and a couple of favourites, but they’re always slicing their signature porchetta right in front of the omnipresent line so that the meat practically beckons. The end result is a savoury, juicy sandwich of sliced then chopped up roasted pork, salsa verde, crackling crumbs, and a side of mustard.

Address: 370 Cambie Street
Address: 1033 West Pender Street

Pulled Pork at Hubbub

Vancouver’s own sandwich-and-salad mini-chain is a favourite of the lunch crowd, and while it’s pretty hard to go wrong with what you choose from their trim menu, their Pulled Pork sandwich has a devoted following. It’s Southern BBQ meets sub sandwich for this delicious, portable, substantial selection. You’ll get that extra pow from Hubbub’s addition of caramelized onion, cilantro, lettuce, pickled jalapeños, and secret sauce, all on a warm baguette.

Address: 3 locations: Robson, Hornby, and Cambie. See their website for details.

Pear, blue brie, and prosciutto baguette at Finch’s

Finch’s is one of the city’s favourite go-to spots for fresh, tasty, stuffed sandwiches on baguettes. Their most iconic offering is the salty, sweet, rich combo of sliced pear, buttery brie, prosciutto, and walnuts–for that added crunch. Expect long lines when the lunchtime hunger strikes, and don’t forget to add a cookie to your order.

Address: 353 West Pender Street
Phone: 604-899-4040

La Grotta del Formaggio

This treasured Italian specialty shop has the art of sandwich-making nailed. Meats are sliced to order on fresh-made bread, and there’s an abundance of veggies and goodies available to pile on, like chopped olives, marinated artichokes, and roasted peppers, for that Italiano zing. Since La Grotta del Formaggio custom-makes each sandwich based on the customer’s specifications, the sky is the limit with how you mix and match the ingredients.

Address: 1791 Commercial Drive
Phone: 604-255-3911

Toasted Garden Veggie Sandwich at Tap & Barrel

Lindsay William-Ross / Vancity Buzz

Lindsay William-Ross / Vancity Buzz

Veggie sandwich? If you’re about to say “Yawn…” we’ll happily re-direct you to Tap & Barrel and their epic Toasted Garden Veggie Sandwich. Stacked high with ingredients that pack a powerful punch (roasted beet, portobello mushroom, goat cheese, tomato, lettuce, and sprouts) this sandwich, on multigrain toast, includes a giant, showstopping crispy onion ring, and not only house mayo but also a schmear of hummus.

Address: 3 locations: Olympic Village, Coal Harbour, and North Vancouver Shipyards. See their website for location information.

Chicken Torta Sub at Duffin’s Donuts

It’s open 24 hours. It has one of the most eclectic menus in the city. It’s got “donuts” in the name, but loyalists know there’s much, much more to Duffin’s, including their sandwiches. Their sandwiches represent a terrific meld of cultures, leaning heavily on the Mexican Torta, which is known for offering a variety of ingredients, including often avocado and peppers, on a crusty white sandwich roll. Duffin’s Chicken Torta is great gateway to their sandwich selections. Pssst: Save room for a donut. And some fried chicken, maybe.

Address: 1391 E 41st Avenue
Phone: 604-325-5544

Dos Diablos at Burgoo

When it comes to comfort food in Vancouver, Burgoo often tops diners’ lists, thanks to their hearty mac & cheese, rich onion soup, and their sandwiches. Though they are known for their killer Cheese Grillers, they really take things to a devilish place with their Dos Diablos, which is basically a white cheddar grilled cheese baguette with chorizo and roasted red peppers.

Address: Four locations (Point Grey, Mount Pleasant, Kitsilano, and North Vancouver). Check their website for location details.

Wholey Cow at Dunn’s Famous

Why have just a bit of cow when you can have the Wholey Cow?! Dunn’s Famous is famous for their Montreal smoked meat sandwiches, but they’ve taken the best of their other deli eats and put them between slices of bread for a pretty awesome creation. This epic sandwich includes liver paté, pastrami beef heart, pickled tongue, and Dunn’s brisket. Ed. note: We’ve learned the Wholey Cow is on hiatus at Dunn’s right now, so they suggest their popular Reuben as a worthy substitution.

Address: 827 Seymour Street
Phone: 604-682-8938

The Chicken “Club” at Railtown Café

Railtown Cafe

Railtown Café

This little restaurant has a big following, thanks in no small part to their terrific selection of high-quality salads, soups, and, of course, sandwiches. One that has people coming back repeatedly is their Chicken “Club,” which is made with warm chicken breast, 72-hour bacom, tomato, and avocado, piled on their house-made focaccia.

Address: 397 Railway Street
Phone: 604-428-0800

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