9 talented portrait photographers to follow on Instagram in Vancouver

Jul 13 2017, 2:25 pm

In this day and age, there are a million reasons you need a great head shot: LinkedIn profiles, social media handles, business cards, the list goes on.

Faces are notoriously known for ruining photos and one small glitch can be the difference between a right or left swipe on Tinder. Good portrait photographers are surprisingly hard to come by, thankfully Instagram is a great tool to view portfolios and find a photographer who matches your style.

Here’s our shortlist of some of the best local talent out there.


The thrill of adventure comes from accepting the risk. w/ @joellefriend #daffodil

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If you follow any Vancouver models on the Gram it’s pretty much a  guarantee Nick’s taken their photo at least once. He uses dark tones and captivating textures to make his shots stand out from the crowd.

All black swaggin w/ @leealexandrar

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– one glance, is sometimes all it takes

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Photographing Vancouverites in their natural habitat is what Rodion does best. This moment capturing machine is currently looking for potential collabs, shoot him a DM to inquire.

– dont hesitate, just look to the future

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Nick is a portrait and lifestyle photographer with a flare for originality. Rather than run of the mill headshots Nick focuses on unique backdrops and camera angles.



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High fashion everyday. Jason works primarily in the fashion industry shooting up-and-coming fashion bloggers and apparel companies.

I broke outta my shadow 😈 Model: @thesylverlining

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When @valentinbrichet pulls off messy hair better than you

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If you have eyes that pop you can bet Samantha will do a bang up job of making them show. Her portraits leave you entranced staring into the gaze of her subjects.

The best is yet to come.

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Probably the best portrait photographer in Vancouver, Salvador is one hot commodity. By focusing on earthy, natural portraits Salvador keeps focus on the face without sacrificing the rich textures of his backdrops.

Surrounded by the forest 🌲

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Joelle at Rattlesnake Ledge

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Ever heard of a hiking portrait photographer? That’s the niche Zack’s created for himself. He hikes, takes pictures of views and posts epic portraits of his friends on trails. The result is a feed of adventurous individuals who have rad profile pictures for life.


Looking for a top notch photographer to hire? Look no further, Samuel shoots portraits, weddings and basically anything in between. Check out his feed for some epic human captures.

Love thy backyard #theadventuresofIvy

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A true unicorn in the portrait photography world Oliver focuses his work on male portraits.

01.22.17 – I dont shoot black and white that often but i think i should change that. Model: Ronan of @keymodels

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