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May 31 2016, 12:25 am

When it comes to well-seasoned, warming, liquid eats, nothing says comfort like a steaming hot bowl of pho; a Vietnamese noodle soup dish comprising of broth, silky rice noodles, a handful of herbs, and thinly sliced meat.

Fragrant, loaded with tender meat and soft-textured noodles, here’s our list on where to find delicious, slurp-worthy pho in Vancouver.

Bao Chau Vietnamese Restaurant

This long-standing casual Vietnamese restaurant offers a wide variety of authentic and inexpensive pho bowls. Boasting a light and flavoursome broth that is absolutely brimming with thinly sliced fatty beef, white and green onions, and cilantro, the eatery’s House Special Beef Noodle is a must order.

Address: 2717 East Hastings Street
Phone: 604-251-6956

Pho Goodness

This popular Davie Street haunt dishes up steaming bowls of pho both day and night. While vegetarians can enjoy meat-free noodle soup options, it is fragrant, meat laden (think tender slices of beef) pho bowls that are the real stars of the show here.

Address: 1183 Davie Street
Phone: 604-568-3253

Linh Café

This casual, family-style restaurant is known for combining traditional French cooking with Vietnamese cuisine. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the West 4th locale dishes up two delicious pho renditions. Here the full-bodied broth is best savoured with finely sliced rare strip loin. For an extra taste sensation add some bone marrow or a perfectly cooked poached egg, into the already hearty mix.

Address: 2836 West 4th Avenue, Kitsilano
Phone: 604-559-4668
Twitter: @LinhCafeVan

Mr. Red Cafe Vietnamese Restaurant

Located on East Hastings near Nanaimo Street, Mr. Red Cafe whips up a number of Northern Vietnamese specialities taken from family recipes, including sticky rice cake with mung bean dumplings, and sliced rare beef pho. Diners who opt for pho will find tender noodles and a clear, light broth.

Address: 2234 East Hastings Street
Phone: 604-710-9515

Le Do Vietnamese Restaurant

It may not look like much from the outside, and the interior maybe somewhat dated but Le Do Vietnamese Restaurant offers up a simple and slurp-tastic bowl of pho. Meat, which is both pentiful and tender swims in a salty broth, alongside chewy noodles.

Address: 2292 East Hastings Street
Phone: 604-253-3508

Mui Ngo Gai

Quick and casual, Mui Ngo Gai offers a diverse menu dotted with a wide range of Vietnamese fare. In addition to exotic rice dishes, vibrant salads, and hot pots, Mui Ngo Gai prepares a whole bunch of delicious pho options, including beef brisket and crunchy beef flank. Fresh noodles (rice, yellow egg or round), bean sprouts, lime and basil float in a beef broth with a choice of supplemental toppings.

2052 Kingsway
Phone: 604-876-8885

Hai Phong Vietnamese Restaurant

Hai Phong Vietnamese Restaurant isn’t breaking any new ground, serving your typical Vietnamese fare, however, the Kingsway restaurant churns out nourishingly flavoursome pho. Choose between a variety of beef-based pho (brisket, tripe, rare beef, and beef shoulder), and for an additional heat kick opt for the spicy broth.

Address: 1246 Kingsway
Phone: 604-872-3828

Ha Long Bay

For a reliable downtown pho option try Ha Long Bay. This small, unassuming eatery serves up a filling bowl of silky noodles with a variety of toppings, which include traditional rare beef slices, chicken breast chunks, homemade Vietnamese ham, and a veggie and tofu combo.

Address: 430 West Pender Street
Phone: 604-568-7976

Pho Tan

Main Street’s Pho Tan offers an extensive list of pho dishes. Served with accompanying sides of beansprouts, basil leaves, chili, and a wedge of lime, Pho Tan’s steaming bowls are guaranteed to warm you to the core.

Address: 4598 Main Street, Riley Park & Little Mountain
Phone: 604-873-3345

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