Best Patios for Wine in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 11:17 am

Uncork, pour, swirl, sip – ahhhhhh.


Here are the best patios for wine in Vancouver.


Provence Marinaside

Provence Marinaside

The Wine Bar at Provence focuses primarily on French and Mediterranean classics ranging in price from $30 to $150 with glasses starting at $7. Situated along the marina in Yaletown, while away the afternoon people-watching Vancouver’s finest with a glass of Malbec. Did you know this earthy varietal originates from France?

Address: 1177 Marinaside Cresent
Phone Number: 604-681-4144

Cin Cin Ristorante and Bar

Cin Cin

From a full-bodied Chianti to a crisp Prosecco, Cin Cin boasts an award-winning collection with over 1000 labels to choose from, primarily from Italy. On the map, Italy is a nugget-sized area that produces 1/3 of the world’s wine, 6.5 million tonnes, making it the largest producer of wine.

Address: 1154 Robson Street
Phone Number: 604-688-7338

Edible Canada Bistro

This wine menu specializes in Canadian wines with a special focus on B.C. Their house wine is on tap – a house-crafted blend of Gamay/Syrah/Pinot Noir. For those that don’t know, Syrah is Shiraz and is a varietal but also widely used in blends.

Address: 1596 Johnson Street
Phone Number: 604-682-6681

Blue Water Café + Raw Bar

blue water cafe

Blue Water Café’s patio is an elegant courtyard oasis. Their award-winning wine program has over 1000 labels and 14,000 bottles in their cellar. Dry, crisp white wines pair well with oysters, raw or cooked. Try a glass of Chablis (shabli), a Chardonnay varietal (almost always) from the Chablis region of France located along the Serein River. The soil here contains Kimmeridge clay, which is a sedimentary deposit of fossilized marine clay dating all the way back to the Jurassic age. Pair oysters with wine made from grapes that grew in soil composed of fossilized oyster shells? Sounds good.

Address: 1095 Hamilton Street
Phone Number: 604-688-8078

Tap & Barrel

A great patio for the wino clad in jeans, the wines at this establishment are on tap. Word to the discerning, they recently received an honourable mention from the Vancouver International Wine Festival, the first restaurant without a bottle list to receive one. Wine on tap is quickly becoming popular in Vancouver as restaurateurs realize its advantages, such as less spoilage. High-quality wines are contained in pressurized stainless steal tanks, so it stays fresh. Wine in an opened bottle will go stale in after one day.

Address: Olympic Village, 1 Athletes Way
Coal Harbour, #76-1055 Canada Place
Phone Number: Olympic Village, 604-685-2223
Coal Harbour, 604- 235-9827

Brix Restaurant and Wine Bar

Brix has one of the widest selections of the half-litre (wine lovers, rejoice!), and by the glass. Their wine list was given the prestigious gold award by the Vancouver Playhouse Wine Festival for 2012 and 2013. Brix is a scale of measurement, degrees Brix, used to determine grape sugar content. This helps winemakers decide when to harvest grapes in order to best achieve the ideal balance of flavour and alcohol content in the wine.

Address: 1138 Homer Street
Phone Number: 604-915-9463