Best of 2012: Random Stories

If you’re looking for random Vancouver stories then Vancity Buzz should definitely be your first choice. After looking through the 100 plus completely random stories we published in 2012, these 1o were the most viewed. Without further ado, Best of Vancouver 2012: random stories. 


1. Vancouver 2077

Sam Sung


2. Sam Sung an Apple specialist in Vancouver


3. Gastown named 4th most stylish neighbourhood in the world.


4. Canada 5 most expensive homes. Four are from Vancouver. Does that surprise anyone still?


5. Crazy Craigslist marriage proposal from Vancouver man

Message for Vancouver women


6. Message for Vancouver women.


7. The richest people in Vancouver


8. Vancouver merging time photos. An excellent photos series of our awesome city.

Merging time Vancouver


9. How to be a Vancouverite


Vancouver fashion do nots


10. Vancouver fashion don’ts according to VICE Magazine