10 best karaoke joints in Vancouver

Sep 22 2016, 6:03 am

Wanna try a little karaoke without the carpool? Vancouver is packed with a variety of venues where folks gather to unleash their inner-Arianas every night of the week, and it doesn’t even matter if your One Direction makes people run in the opposite direction.

From private spaces to public places, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best karaoke spots in town.


Hosted by Christa Belle and Trevor Risk, Karaoke Mondays at the Cobalt lures a wide variety of amateur singers to the venue’s 105-year-old stage each week. The bar has a massive song list featuring everyone from Little Richard to L’il Wayne, and those needing a small dose of liquid courage will be pleased with the Cobalt’s cheap drink specials.

Address: 917 Main St, Vancouver
Phone: (778) 918-3671

Pub 340

The Pub 340/Facebook

The Pub 340/Facebook

Pub 340 has been called the “best karaoke in Gastown” and their 100,000-song catalogue is one of the most extensive in the city. The pub hosts karaoke twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and hostess-with-the-mostest Raeann Cleator will help make sure you cover “Like A Virgin” like a boss.

Address: 340 Cambie St, Vancouver
Phone: (604) 602-0644

Main Street Legion

Folks who like their karaoke with a side of shuffleboard should look no further than The Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans Taurus 298, better known as the Main Street Legion. The legion is a private club that offers annual memberships for just $35, and amateur singers aged 19 to 99 pack the venue every Wednesday night to tackle tracks from everyone from Sinatra to Sia.

Address: 3917 Main St, Vancouver
Phone: (604) 879-1020

Numbers Cabaret

Vancouver’s oldest gay bar is also home to one of the best karaoke spots in town. Located in the bar’s tiny upstairs loft, the Fun Box features unhosted karaoke seven nights a week. Patrons can purchase a song ticket at the bar for $5.50, which entitles the bearer to five song choices which are then made at an automated kiosk (one nifty feature of the kiosk is that it allows the singer to change the key of the song before submission).

Address: 1042 Davie St, Vancouver
Phone: 604-685-4077


Fantacity’s private karaoke rooms are perfect for amateur singers who are more comfortable humiliating themselves in front of friends than in front of a bar full of strangers. Each room comes equipped with disco balls, tambourines, and a pair of microphones – after all, it just isn’t karaoke without a duet of “Islands In The Stream”. Appetizers and alcohol are available for purchase.

Address: 1133 Robson St, Vancouver
Phone: 604-899-0006

Funky Winker Beans

Funky Winker Beans/Facebook

Funky Winker Beans/Facebook

Funky Winker Beans pride themselves on being “Vancouver’s Hard-Core Dive Bar” and hosts karaoke five nights a week. In addition to their famous hardcore hot dogs, Funky’s offers a variety of themed-karaoke events including Clown “Scary-oke”, and the Evil Bastard Karaoke Experience.

Address: 37 W Hastings St, Vancouver
Phone: (604) 569-3515

HHK at Fortune Sound Club

Wannabe rappers hoping to lose themselves in the music, the moment, and own it should head to Fortune Sound Club for their monthly Hip Hop Karaoke (HHK) event. HHK is not for the weak of heart – there are no teleprompters on stage to bail you out so come prepared, or at least bring a gang of friends to cheer you on. The event features karaoke “sets” lasting roughly 15-20 minutes and has a live DJ spinning tunes between sets.

Address: 147 E Pender St, Vancouver
Phone: 604-569-1758


Studio Records is Vancouver’s only combined record store and live music venue and their “Karaoke Monday” event allows singers to belt their favourite songs from their iconic stage. Budding singers are encouraged to add their names to the event’s guest list for priority line privileges and a complimentary shot!

Address: 919 Granville St, Vancouver
Phone: (604) 563-5030

Red Card Sports Bar + Eatery

Red Card Sports Bar/Facebook

Red Card Sports Bar/Facebook

Come for the singing but stay for the spread – Red Card’s award-winning menu features mouthwatering comfort food like prosciutto poutine and pizzas cooked in a stone oven. The bar’s weekly karaoke night is a huge draw and when the weather cooperates, they open their windows for all of Yaletown to hear.

Address: 560 Smithe St, Vancouver
Phone: 604-689-4460

Millennium Karaoke

Are you and your singing buddies a little on the “pitchy” side? Millennium Karaoke offers private, SOUNDPROOF rooms that are perfect for those off-key group performances of “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The venue also boasts one of the better karaoke song books in Richmond with more than 40,000 tunes to choose from.

Address: 201-4451 No.3 Road, Richmond
Phone: (604) 273-0005

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