Best Hot Shaves in Vancouver - JD's Barbershop

Dec 19 2017, 8:58 am

You have been mocked. You have possible even been meme’d. Or maybe you’ve owned it! But, whatever your experience over these past 30 days, congratulations – you have made it through another Movember!

After such an ordeal you owe it to yourself to have a pleasant first-shaving experience. You owe yourself a hot towel shave. But, where to go? Well, we’ve taken the liberty of making things easier for you.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve sent our bearded and moustachioed brethren to try out the best barbershops that Vancity has to offer. Hair was shed, and a few nicks bled. But here it is, in no particular order, Vancity Buzz’s 2013 List of the Top Hot Shave Barbershops in Downtown Vancouver.

JD’s Barbershop

JD’s Gastown

The original JD’s, located in historic Gastown and opening its doors in 2002, is the product of master barber Judah Down, who, in this town, probably needs no introduction. Judah gives a mean hot shave. Or, if he’s tied up, he has a number of expert barbers on his team that can more than take care of your general hairiness.

JD's Barbershop

JD's Open

JD's Towel

The experience is solid from start to finish, and the ambience gives even the most boring “suit” a touch of street-cred – just a mention to your significant other that you’re heading to JD’s will get you an impressed look.

JD's Shave 1

JD's Shave 2

JD's Shave 3

One of the closest shaves you’ll get, and the aftershave has an AXE-commercial like affect on the populace, which must be experienced to be appreciated. A close shave, street-cred, and sex-appeal, all for just $40.

JD's Record

JD's Sound

JD’s Van Club

Located in the lower level of the Vancouver Club, JD’s second location lends the otherwise stoic club a much needed edge. There’s nothing quite like the experience of a traditional hot towel shave while drinking scotch and listening to rap music in a private club. But sorry folks, access is members-only.

Photos: Andres Markwart


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