5 quality Vancouver hostels to lay your backpack down in

Oct 27 2016, 8:23 pm

For those looking to sacrifice some luxury to save money, hostels are a great alternative to their much pricier hotel counterparts.

Of course, there’s only so much you can sacrifice, and you want to make sure the hostel you choose has a good location, comfort, and atmosphere.

Here are five hostels to consider when booking your next stay.

Urban Hideaway Guesthouse

Urban Hideaway Guesthouse is one of the highest-quality hostels in the city, and also features a great location right in the centre of downtown Vancouver.

There’s plenty of attractions in the area surrounding Urban Hideaway, and the hostel itself offers TV and DVDs for entertainment.

Address: 581 Richards Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-817-9617

Hostelling International

With three different locations in Vancouver, Hostelling International is the biggest hostel chain in the city. Locations include Vancouver Central, Downtown, and Jericho Beach.

As far as hostels go, HI offers some of the nicest rooms around, though a bit pricier than some of the other hostels on this list.


1025 Granville Street, Vancouver

1114 Burnaby Street, Vancouver

1515 Discovery Street, Vancouver


The Cambie Hostel

Cambie Hostels has two Vancouver locations, but we’ll focus on their main location right in the heart of Gastown. They offer both dorms and private rooms, and costs per night are cheaper than others on this list.

Address: 310 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-684-6466

Samesun Backpacker Lodges

Samesun Backpacker Lodges offers a hostel right in the heart of Vancouver’s city centre on Granville Street. This one is perfect for adventurous nature-lovers as you’ll likely meet other like-minded individuals staying at this hostel. Adventure buddies!

Address: 1019 Granville Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-682-8226

St. Clair Hotel-Hostel

Image: St. Clair Hotel-Hostel/Facebook

Image: St. Clair Hotel-Hostel/Facebook

St. Clair Hotel-Hostel is another hostel offering competitive rates on both dorms and private rooms. Their located between Downtown and Central Vancouver, still very close to several of the city’s attractions.

Address: 577 Richards Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-684-3713