7 best health food stores in Vancouver

May 8 2017, 5:27 am

If you ever find yourself asking where to buy gluten-free and organic foods in Vancouver, then you already know supermarkets can fall short of your demands.

Ingredients like buckwheat groats, nut flours, and dairy-free cheeses are hard to find. But thankfully health food stores are making it easier.

Here are a few health food stores around Vancouver that will unite you with all those interesting ingredients.

Victoria’s Health Store, Broadway

Image: Victoria’s Health

As the newest Victoria’s Health location, the Broadway store has a lot to live up to. For the past 14 years, the North Vancouver location has been voted the North Shore’s Favourite Health Food Store. Since Broadway’s grand opening last month reviews have been pouring in on Google and new customers are already grinning ear to ear.

Address: 562 Broadway Street
Website: victoriashealth.com
Phone: (604) 428 8824

The Garden Health Foods

Image: The Garden Health Foods

Garden Health Foods stands out of the crowd because of the fantastic customer service it delivers. What this store lacks in size in makes up for with knowledgeable employees who are experts in all things nutrition.

Address: 1204 Davie Street
Website: gardenhealthvitamins.ca
Phone: (604)-688-4325

Whole Foods, Robson

Image: Whole Foods / Facebook

Whole Foods is a health nut’s Disney Land; they have every chia, hemp, and coconut oil product available. For on-the-goers the prepackaged lunch section is incredible—finally, a place where you can pick up a quick bite without eating calorie clad garbage. Due to it’s all around awesomeness Whole Foods is even listed as a destination on Tripadvisor!

Address: 1675 Robson St
Website: wholefoodsmarket.com
Phone: (604) 687 5288

Greens Organic & Natural Market

Image: Greens Organic & Natural Market / Facebook

You can feel good about shopping at Greens. It’s one of Vancouver’s first grocery stores to take on the zero waste challenge. They buy local, compost, recycle and encourage you to do the same.

Address: 1978 W. Broadway
Website: greensmarket.ca
Phone: (604) 568 3079


Image: Choices

Two words—salad bar. For a very reasonable price, you can design a custom salad creation while out and about. After work, Choices is an easy one stop shop for all your gluten-free and other grocery needs. Perfectly suited to it’s Yaletown surroundings, a team of Registered Dietitians and Holistic Nutritionists are always available to answer your dietary questions. And because it’s Yaletown, they carry nutritious chow for your pup too!

Address: 1202 Richards Street
Website: choicesmarkets.com
Phone: (604) 633 2392

Strong’s Market

Image: Strong’s Market

When you walk into Strong’s, you’ll see they take the lead in organic meats and seafood. Popular items include a variety of different types of game, and of course all the classic health food staples.

Address: 4221 Dunbar St
Website: strongs.com
Phone: (604) 266 1401

Sweet Cherubim Organic & Natural Foods

Image: Sweet Cherubim Organic & Natural Foods

Commercial’s Sweet Cherubin stands alongside their vegan/vegetarian restaurant. They sell everything from dairy-free cheese to unique types of hummus that will have your drooling in front of the shelves.

Address: 1105 Commercial Drive
Website: sweetcherubim.com
Phone: (604) 253 0969

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