The ultimate spots for hangover brunches in Vancouver

Dec 13 2018, 9:25 pm

While some claim that there is no right cure for a nasty hangover, we’ve got to disagree. Nothing scares a hangover away better than a hearty brunch, to soothe your dastardly headache and stomach pains.

Whether you need a huge serving of carbs and grease-laden foods, some hair of the dog, or a detoxing cold-pressed juice or kombucha, there are plenty of restaurants around the Vancouver area that offer a remedy for that hangover.

We’ve compiled a list of our top favourite hangover brunch spots in Vancouver, so you can rest easy the next time you have a big night out on the town.

Cafe Medina


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Since opening in 2008, Cafe Medina has become a staple in Vancouver’s brunch scene. A truly exceptional destination — you can’t go past their hearty breakfast dishes (and their amazing waffles). Although crowded most mornings, if you sleep in after a hectic night out and wake up for a late brunch, Medina is your spot. They also do a great Caesar — you know what they say, nothing cures a hangover like some hair of the dog.

Address: 780 Richards Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-879-3114

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Jethro’s Fine Grub


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Sometimes, nothing beats a home-cooked meal, but if you wake up with a nasty hangover and can’t bring yourself to do it, drive on over to Jethro’s for a Southern home-cooked style brunch. With classics including Eggs Benedicts, omelettes, pancakes, burgers, sandwiches, and more, you’ll be stuffed for choices.

Address: 3455 Fraser Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-620-5292

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Pho Lan


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Low-key the best hangover food you can possibly eat, the combination of light, flavourful broth with tender slices of beef will get rid of that hangover in an instant. Walking the fine line between being hearty enough to satisfy your hunger but light enough not to destroy your delicate hungover stomach, you’ll want to get a bowl of pho the next time you wake up after a heavy night out.

Address: 6950 No 3 Road, Richmond
Phone: 604-273-1583



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A well-known name spot for brunch in Vancouver, Yolks began as a local food truck before turning into two popular Vancouver locations. The perfect place to go for a classic Eggs Benedict (or chicken and waffles), make sure you try their delicious truffled potatoes to soak up any remaining alcohol in your system. Say goodbye to that hangover.

Address: 546 West Broadway, Vancouver
Phone: 604-559-9655

Address: 1598 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-428-9655

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The Red Wagon


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If you’ve woken up with a splitting headache and an empty stomach, The Red Wagon is a hip local diner with an all-day brunch menu of comfort foods to soothe your hangover. There is also an assortment of cocktails on the menu, so cure your alcohol-overdose with some more great tasting mixes.

Address: 2296 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-568-4565

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La Belle Patate


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One of the most popular post-night out snacks in Vancouver is no doubt poutine. If you had a bit too much to drink and didn’t quite make it all the way to post-drinks supper, then perhaps try a hearty poutine for brunch instead. La Belle Patate serves all of your favourite Canadian treats in one place, including a variety of poutines, smoked meats, and hot dogs.

Address: 1215 Davie Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-569-1215

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Dynasty Seafood Restaurant


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The perfect hangover brunch after a Saturday night out, it’s no surprise the popularity of dim sum on a Sunday morning. I mean, what could be better for you than greasy, delicious plates of food? Head to this multiple Golden Plates winner for its unique take on tradition dim sum dishes such as black-truffle dumplings. A consistently good hangover cure.

Address: 108-777 West Broadway, Vancouver
Phone: 604-876-8388

Cafe Zen


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A popular neighbourhood brunch spot in Kitsilano, Cafe Zen is a hit destination for Eggs Benedict. With over ten different varieties of Eggs Benedict, you’ll be sure to find something to your liking — with a huge heap of potatoes on the side. And nothing beats a hangover like a hearty breakfast filled with runny eggs, carbs, and rich hollandaise sauce, so you’ll be good to go in no time.

Address: 1631 Yew Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-731-4018

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Slickity Jim’s


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Although the line can get rather long on weekends, it is worth the wait. The food is not fancy by any means, but when you’re hungover, it’s rarely about being fancy. All you need is a huge, hearty breakfast filled with potatoes and eggs.

Address: 3475 Main Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-873-6760

Address: 1387 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-732-5544

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Edible Canada


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Located right on the beautiful Granville Island, Edible Canada is a bistro serving up Canadian cuisine. With a lively atmosphere with fantastic seafood and game together with classic cocktails (nothing pairs better with brunch than a good Caesar), this spot will have you feeling upbeat in no time at all.

Address: 1596 Johnston Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-682-6681

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Deacon’s Corner


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Specializing in hearty Southern food, this diner is the perfect spot to go when you’re hungover because no matter what you order off the menu, you know it’s going to come in a huge serving. With two convenient locations in Gastown and Kitsilano, be sure to try their house-made biscuits and grits. You won’t be sorry.

Address: 101 Main Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-684-1555

Address: 3189 West Broadway, Vancouver
Phone: 778-379-3727

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