Paws: Best dog photos in Vancouver (1st edition)

Dec 19 2017, 11:15 pm

Attention Vancouver dog lovers – welcome to Paws: Vancouver!

We dare you not to smile while going through these. Every month the AntiSocial Solutions team from #BuzzSocial will be sharing an album of Vancouver’s finest canine pictures. They’ll be going around to Vancouver’s well known (and not so well known) dog parks to get pictures of owners and their best friends.

The canines of Vancouver have never looked so good. In this first May instalment of Paws: Vancouver we have Blue Healers, Whippet, Havenese, Weimaraner, Vizla, Rottweiler and a plethora of cross breeds. Without any further ado, here’s the inaugural launch!

Artemisa with Mateo a Jack-Russell Mix

Artemisa with Mateo, a Jack-Russell Mix.

Dria with Marcel a Blue Healer Beau a Husky Rottweiler Shepherd

Dria with Marcel, a Blue Healer, and Beau, a Husky Rottweiler Shepherd.

Kath with Savannah a American Cocker Spaniel.

Kath with Savannah, an American Cocker Spaniel.

Justin with Rocket a English Bull Terrier

Justin with Rocket, an English Bull Terrier.

Jen and Betty with Dio a Vizsla.

Jen and Betty with Dio, a Vizsla.

Janet with Lenny a Weimaraner

Janet with Lenny, a Weimaraner.

Giogrio with Leela a German Shepherd.

Giogrio with Leela, a German Shepherd.

Lauren with Charlie a Labrador cross Cattle dog

Lauren with Charlie, a Labrador cross Cattle dog.

Kyle Davis with Georgia a rescue.

Kyle Davis with Georgia, a rescue.

Katrina with Simba a Black pitbull.

Katrina with Simba, a Black pitbull.

Lisa with Jasper a Labrador, Santana a Mexican Stray and Luna a Boston Terrier.

Lisa with Jasper, a Labrador, Santana, a Mexican Stray, and Luna, a Boston Terrier.

Lulu with Tito an Aussie Doodle.

Lulu with Tito, an Aussie Doodle.

Sarah with Macy a Whippet cross.

Sarah with Macy, a Whippet cross.

Sarah with Blaze and Ghost Bear, both Blue Healers.

Sarah with Blaze and Ghost Bear, both Blue Healers.

Rod with Wilson a Mini Dachshund.

Rod with Wilson, a Mini Dachshund.

Rachel with Harry a Terrier Dachshund mix.

Rachel with Harry, a Terrier Dachshund mix.

Nick Nastic with Bloe a Vizsla.

Nick Nastic with Bloe, a Vizsla.

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