7 best eats to try at the Richmond Night Market

Dec 19 2017, 11:08 am

Richmond Night Market is back for another year, bringing with it rows of stallholders selling a smorgasbord of international cuisine.

With such a huge and irresistible selection of food on offer, the Richmond Night Market can be a little overwhelming, as such Vancity Buzz has complied a list of the best dishes you’ve just got to try.

Word of advice, get there early, wander round, bring plenty of cash (this is a cash only event), and prepare to feast!


Rotato - Richmond Night Market

A simple dish with simple flavours, yet unquestionably the most popular item of the entire market. The Rotato, also known as the Hurricane Potato is a sliced up potato, skewered on a stick and then deep fried. There are a variety of toppings to choose from including: roast garlic, cheddar cheese, salt and vinegar, and more. Throughout the night the line up for the infamous Rotato stretches across the park, so get to the stall early or prepare for the inevitable wait.


Ramen - Richmond Night Market

Whether you’re a dedicated ramen lover or not the miso tonkotsu at Benki Ramen is a must try. The ramen’s rich miso broth is thin, salty and truly satisfying; its flavours enhanced by the slices of tender pork. The long, squiggly egg noodles are soft and the vegetables heaped on top (grilled corn, green onion, seaweed) are super fresh. All in all, the miso tonkotsu is a light and delicious meal, full of flavour, which is both affordable and undeniably tasty.


Turkey Drumstick - Richmond Night Market

Turkey drumsticks. Juicy, deliciously smoked with applewood and marinated with Dan Dan’s Smokehouse’s unique homemade barbeque sauce. Honestly, these Southern style turkey drumsticks are a definite market food highlight. Each leg is incredibly meaty and packed with a tangy BBQ flavour. They also come in a variety of sizes, so depending on how hungry you are you can opt for a L, XL or even and XXL.


Pork Buns - Richmond Night Markets

No trip to the Richmond Night Market would be complete without a plate of pork buns, so make sure you head over to the P&W Dim Sum House stall and pick up four pan-fried mini pork buns for $4.These tasty morsels are delectably light and fluffy, and have a filling flavoured with ginger, soy sauce and a dash of sesame oil. They are also the perfect meal if you’re looking for something small and not deep fried.


Spicy Squid - Richmond Night Market

If you’re after something with a bit of kick, grab a heaping portion of fresh BBQ squid. At the Lao Er BBQ Squid stand patrons have the choice between the tentacles, the rings or a 50/50 mix, which are grilled on a billowing BBQ. Whatever you opt for you’re in for one delicious snack. The squid is tender and the sweet and spicy marinade is fantastically fiery.


Grilled Fish - Richmond Night Market

The grilled pollock at the Honey’s BBQ stand looks good, smells good and more importantly tastes incredible. The entire fish is grilled over open coals, basted in olive oil and butter and showered with red pepper flakes. It can be a little tricky to eat but you’ll be glad you did, as each mouth full is even more delicious than the last.

MEAT SKEWERS (3 for $7.50)

Meat Skewers - Richmond Night Market

An absolute Richmond Night Market staple and a must try, are the selection of meat skewer offerings at the It’s All About Grill stand. The rib eye steak is particularly good. The meat is lean, flavoursome, juicy and grilled to perfection.

Richmond Night Market 2014

Season: May 16 through to October 13, 2014

Opening Days and Hours: Friday & Saturday 7 p.m. to midnight, Sunday & Statutory Holidays 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Location: 8351 River Road, Richmond (a 5-minute walk from SkyTrain’s Bridgeport Station)

Admission: $2.25

Website: www.richmondnightmarket.com


Vancity Buzz is a proud sponsor of the 2014 Richmond Night Market.