Best Dim Sum in Richmond

Dec 19 2017, 10:47 am

There is no shortage of stellar Chinese food in Vancouver, and of the many subgenres of this delicious cuisine is the communal favourite, dim sum.

The city’s venerable ‘burb of Richmond is bountiful when it comes to great places for dim sum, so we’re shining the spotlight on the shu mai and har gow there to compile a list of the 10 Best Dim Sum restaurants in Richmond.


Fisherman’s Terrace

Photo by Lindsay William-Ross/Vancity Buzz

Amid the chaos of the Aberdeen Mall is Fisherman’s Terrace, a top notch spot for dim sum where servers bring out the well-executed dishes of dumplings and plates of salty prawns rapid-fire. The portions match the prices here–a little on the larger side–but most who discover this dim sum gem will attest it’s well worth it.

Address: 3580 – 4151 Hazelbridge Way
Phone: 604-303-9739
Website: Fisherman’s Terrace at Aberdeen Centre

Sun Sui Wah

Photo by Rick Chung via Flickr

Sun Sui Wah is considered dim sum destination dining for visitors and locals alike in Vancouver. Their popular dim sum service is punctuated by their signature dish of whole roast squab. And, yes, shark fin is off the menu now.

Address: 102-4940 No 3 Rd
Phone: 604-273-8208

Sea Harbour

Menu image via Sea Harbour

Bestowed with the honour of the Chinese Restaurant Awards’ Diners’ Choice for Best Dim Sum 2014, Sea Harbour is where you can expect to find pricier dim sum and an array of standout specialty dishes that are worth the heftier cost and wait.

Address: 150-8888 River Rd
Phone: 604-232-0816

Shiang Garden

Photo by Rick Chung/Flickr

Inside their vast dining room on multiple floors diners feast upon beloved dim sum dishes that are priced moderately to higher-end. Some swear by their har gow (shrimp dumplings), others love the egg tarts. Try the duck tongue if you’re feeling adventurous!

Address: 2200 – 4540 No 3 Rd
Phone: 604-273-8858
Website: Shiang Garden on Yelp

Rainflower Restaurant

rainflower-restaurant-richmondPhoto by wyn ♥ lok via Flickr

Your reward for successfully nabbing a parking spot is a tasty dim sum adventure that can include deep fried squid, durian rolls and chicken knee, should you choose. If you are in the mood for the more familiar dumplings and dim sum dishes, you’re in luck here, too.

Address: 3600 No 3 Road
Phone: 604-278-7288
Website: Rainflower Restaurant on Facebook

Dinesty Chinese

Photo by sonson/Flickr

Prepare to slurp small-ish thin-skinned Xiao Long Bao in savoury soup at this buzzing mecca offering Taiwanese/Shanghai hybrid fare. Peer into the open kitchen to see your dishes being made, or soak up the atmosphere while you await the arrival of your Cold Wine Chicken or Dandan noodles.

Address: 8111 Ackroyd Rd
Phone: 604-303-7772
Website: Dinesty Chinese at Aberdeen Centre

The Jade Seafood Restaurant

Photo: Jade Seafood Restaurant/Facebook

The earlybird gets the discount at Jade, with 20 per cent off your dim sum order when you’re in before 11 a.m. Don’t miss out on their signature mushroom dumplings.

Address: 8511 Alexandra Rd
Phone: 604-249-0082

Kirin Seafood Restaurant

Photo by SC in Seattle/Flickr

You’ll find the standard dim sum offerings well-executed at Kirin, though you may want to keep your own list of what you ordered just to be sure you don’t go overboard at this pricier place. The Thousand Layer Cake is a standout dish, so save room for a sweeter bite at the end of your meal.

Address: 7900 Westminster Hwy
Phone: 604-303-8833

Continental Seafood Restaurant

Photo by Jennifer S. via Yelp

Continental Seafood is where to go in Richmond if you want to experience cart service for dim sum. Be sure to flex your flagging-down muscles in prep to draw the server and their cart to your table, but relish the opportunity to get a peek at what’s being dished up. A favourite for the lunch crowd, Continental’s go-to items are their BBQ meats and buns.

Address: 11700 Cambie Rd
Phone: 604-278-6331
Website: Continental Seafood on Yelp

Empire Seafood Restaurant

Photo by Jando S. via Yelp

At Empire you can tuck into baked BBQ buns with a delectably sweet pastry shell and their much-lauded egg tarts along with an extensive menu of dim sum delights. Pack your patience, since there are often long waits here, particularly on weekends.

Address: 5951 No. 3 Rd, Unit 200
Phone: 604-249-0080

Top image: Har gow (shrimp dumplings) at Fisherman’s Terrace. Photo by Lindsay William-Ross/Vancity Buzz

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