Willing to move for work? Top 5 cities to work in B.C. outside Metro Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 10:50 pm

When it comes to our economy, where does B.C. stand? Is this the promised land, or no man’s land? How are today’s economic conditions going to affect our jobs, our savings or our decisions for our future? Resources, technology and all these different sectors are evolving around us and affecting our economy and our lifestyle choices.


In partnership with CKNW, Vancity Buzz is on board to put our economy under the microscope during the second instalment of Putting B.C. To Work.

Originally from the Lower Mainland, Ryan Staschuck is in his late twenties with a good career as an Assistant Controller for a mining company in Prince Rupert.

As a student, he thought that it would be no problem to get a job close to home. But once he graduated, he quickly realized how competitive it was in Vancouver, and decided that he’d have to re-locate in order to succeed in his career.

He started applying for jobs further afield, and it wasn’t long before he was packing his bags and heading to Prince Rupert.

He now owns a 3,000 sq. ft. house and is actually making more money than he had anticipated while studying. Just by moving where the jobs are available, he says he’s been able to fast-track his career by several years, and that a similar position in Vancouver would have taken five to 10 years to achieve.

His advice to young graduates and career changers:

“Don’t even give it a second thought. Look for those [out of town] listings, look for jobs, apply. There’s no harm in putting in your resume and see where it takes you.”

As for his own career, he’s optimistic about the economy up north and sees opportunity for growth.

Top 5 cities in B.C. (outside Metro Vancouver) for work

1. Fort St. John (#1 overall)

2. Dawson Creek (#5 overall)

3. Squamish (#12 overall)

4. Victoria (#16 overall)

5. Kelowna (#17 overall)

*Source: BC Business’ Best Cities for Work in B.C.

Incidentally, BC Business ranked Prince Rupert as #36 out of 36. And the City of Vancouver? It squeaked in at #10.

Listen to Ryan Staschuk’s full interview with CKNW’s Drex:

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