Best places to bungee jump in BC

May 6 2017, 5:09 pm

Bungee jumping is something of a right of passage.

With summer upon us and all your friends brainstorming “what do we do this weekend?” Be the hero that they’re all afraid they want you to be by suggesting that everyone jump off a bridge together – safely harnessed to a strong and stretchy rope, of course.

Who wouldn’t want to bungee jump in beautiful British Columbia, anyway? With the green trees, raging rivers, and picturesque views, jumping headfirst into all of that greatness just seems like a no brainer.

Luckily there are a couple places in BC that cater to the free-falling inclined…

Whistler Bungee

So it’s 160 feet down to a rocky ravine… 😨

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Height: 160 ft (50 m)

Cost: $130 if it’s your first time, $80 for returning jumpers

Where: At Whistler Bungee Bridge, Calcheak Forest Service Rd, Whistler. Roughly 15 minutes south of Whistler on the Sea-To-Sky Highway.

If a shaky, screaming, bungee jumping video finds its way onto your Instagram feed, odds are you’re looking at Whistler Bungee. It is the closest jump for those in the Lower Mainland and is open for adrenaline junkies year round, rain or shine. It’s best to book a few days in advance as it can get busy—especially during the summer—and there’s a 24 hour prior cancellation policy in case you decide to chicken out.

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Good times getting some air time at @whistlerbungee today.

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WildPlay Element Park Nanaimo

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Height: 150 ft (45 m)

Cost: $130 if its your first time, $65 or returning jumpers

Where: 35 Nanaimo River Road, Nanaimo. 10-15 minutes south down Highway 1 from Nanaimo. 

Where those on Vancouver Island go to jump. As just one thrilling element of the WildPlay park in Nanaimo, you may go there looking just to bungee jump, but then stay for bit more than you bargained for. They also offer a 40 ft tethered WTF Jump (What’s To Fear Jump) as an alternative for anyone who may not have the cash, guts, or parental signature for the full on bungee.

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And if you’re okay with a bit of a road trip…

Great Canadian Bungee, Quebec

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Height: 200 ft (60 m)

Cost: $121 for first jump, $60 each for additional jumps (though must be on on the same day)

Where: Route 105 Wakefield, Quebec. Only half an hour north of Ottawa, or a short 44 hour drive from Vancouver.

This it the highest bungee jump in all of North America. The 200 ft fall ends with a quick dip into a clear lagoon, and then another 160 ft of rebound on your way back up. It may be a bit of a skip and a hop away from BC, but if you ever find yourself on the other side of the Prairies it is a definite must-try.

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