5 Best Boot Camps in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 11:53 am

One of the things that I like to advocate as a fitness/health professional, and have advocated lots in my articles, is that you do a fitness activity that you like.

Boot camps seem to be a break from the norm that Vancouverites seem to enjoy. I have been told by many clients that they thoroughly enjoy boot camps, due to the intensity and variety that good ones can provide. In Vancouver, boot camps are being hosted at personal training studios, gymnasiums, and green space all throughout the city.

This article highlights five of the best boot camps in Vancouver.

1. UltraFit 

For starters, it’s hard to look past the fact that results are guaranteed. They have so much confidence in their program, that they are willing to refund your money if you see no results (with some conditions, of course). They provide nutritional coaching to complement the fitness training that they provide. This is one of the boot camps that allows you to be outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

2. Precision Athletics

Precision Athletics provides a plethora of options for someone who is looking for group training workouts. They provide both indoor and outdoor boot camps, and have an early morning option for boot camps. Another perk is that they provide free trials. Their website also provides training videos and tips, making it a great resource.

3. FitBody Boot Camp

FitBody Boot Camp is an industry leading indoor boot camp, located in south Vancouver. Being indoors, their schedule is not disrupted by weather, and they have lots of equipment set up and ready to go. They have very early morning options, as well as not so early morning options. They are currently running a promotion on their website for four sessions, a meal plan, and coaching, all for just $29.

4. MMA/Combat Gyms

Any MMA training facilty, or combat facility, can provide you with some of the best workouts that you will ever have. MMA training is circuit training. Circuit training is amazing for dropping the pounds, improving your cardio, and gaining strength. For a decent price, you can get unlimited workouts for the month. These workouts will make you strong, fit, and athletic. The added bonus is that you will be able to defend yourself if you ever need to.

5. Survivor Bootcamp

Survivor Bootcamp has been Vancouver’s number one boot camp for eight years running. Take a look at their reviews, and you will clearly see why Survivor Bootcamp is number one. Survivor Fitness runs these great camps throughout the lower mainland, as well as Alberta. They have a great selection of packages to choose from, which are offered at very reasonable rates.

Featured Image: Dangerously Fit / Flickr.com

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