Bellis Un-Fair? Canadian shoppers cry foul over Bellingham mall’s “at par” promotion

Dec 19 2017, 10:00 pm

As with many things, some Canadian shoppers say a promotion at a Bellingham shopping mall turned out to be too good to be true.

Metro Vancouverites have been taking to social media to complain about an offer promoted by Bellis Fair that suggested Canadians could shop “at par.”

The fine print for the promotion always stated it was a 25% discount.

But, New Westminster’s Daniel Fontaine says most stores were not even part of the deal.

“I think we found one that was participating in the promotion, and when we went from store to store and asked ‘are you participating?’ most of them either didn’t know about it, shrugged their shoulders and said we’ve decided to give it a pass, or had some other excuse of a different promotion they were running.”

Fontaine says you also needed to pay cash to get the discount, which wasn’t made clear. He also says JCPenney participated but the deal was full of conditions.

“JCPenney said that they were participating but again it was on select items. They had all these conditions that went with it”

And in other cases, stores pulled out of the promotion at the last minute.

On social media Bellis Fair says they thought the event was very clearly communicated, but still apologized for the confusion.

In response to some of the complaints, Bellis Fair responded on twitter saying they have currency exchange booths in the mall but users replied saying this didn’t make any difference.

Some Bellis Fair locals took to Facebook saying the mall was extremely busy yesterday and one person who had identified herself as retail employee at the mall expressed frustration with how the sale was handled.

As pictured here, Danielle Distefano posted on Facebook saying “Yeah what was going on? I left (Bellis Fair) yesterday because I couldn’t handle that many people.”


The Bellis Fair employee replied saying “The mall promoted this “at par” sale where their (Canadian) dollar would be equal to ours. So pretty much the whole country came down to shop, but the thing is that only a handful of stores took part in the sale, so it was a wave of super pissed Canadians. They are so messy. ugh.”

CKNW has reached out to Bellis Fair for an interview.

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