Behind the scenes at the Vancouver Aquarium

Dec 19 2017, 10:21 am

The Vancouver Aquarium’s ‘Up Close’ feature showcases exactly what goes on behind the scenes to take care of some of Worlds’ finest Marine Population.

VanCity Pulse has set their camera’s sights on some of the rarely seen areas of the Aquarium, and has brought it to screen for all of you to experience. Be sure to visit before April 30, as this is just a taste of all the fun the ‘Up Close’ feature has to offer.

The dolphin training that you see in progress here in the video enables the Vancouver Aquarium’s marine mammal trainers to get close to the dolphins for ongoing veterinary care and animal enrichment. The animal care team builds a bond of trust with the animals that’s essential to their welfare. This bond allows trainers to safely handle the animals so they may gauge their ongoing health and use diagnostic tools to help with their assessments. Animal care staff also use training to highlight the natural traits and behaviors that the animals execute in order to promote visitors’ learning and understanding.

[youtube id=”ZO7K7ZoGAuA”]